Education Minister targets schools of 4,000 Alberta students


Education Minister David Eggen continued his aggressive bullying of approximately 4,000 Alberta students from 28 private schools, issuing a ministerial order on Wednesday November 14th.

The ministerial order requires these schools to replace their own “Safe and Caring” policies with a government policy being imposed upon them against their will.

According to Alberta Education’s announcement, “School authorities must publicly post the ministerial order and standard policy in a prominent location on their websites. These school authorities must comply with the ministerial order, or they will lose their taxpayer-funded, per-student grant for the 2019-20 school year.

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), who represent a coalition of schools, parents and PCE in a court challenge against recent legislative changes, stated in a news release that this government action:

  • “effectively replaces the schools’ own policies, which respect the unique religious character and identity of each school, with policies mandated by government” and
  • “requires schools to commit to collaborate against the constitutionally-protected interests of parents by agreeing to restrict information from parents about their young children’s activities..."



Understand that this latest attack continues to strike at the very heart of freedom in our province.

Under the deceptive guise of “safe and caring”, “anti-bullying” and “diversity”, the Alberta government is crushing the freedoms of conscience, belief, speech, and association of its citizens beneath the treads of their own zealously pursued centralized control tactics.

Here are some actions you can take:

CONTACT the Education Minister, the UCP Education Critic and your local MLA via phone and email (click here for contact info). Another organization called ARPA has created a guide for phone calls to the Minister's office, as well as an “Easy Mail” email template.

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It is time for the freedom-loving citizens of this province to rise up and defend genuine freedom before it is lost.  

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