Make Change Happen: Politics

Copy_of_Make_Change_Happen_-_Politics_green__other_text_white_-_no_date.pngPCE is calling on Alberta citizens who are concerned about the direction of education to take action and make a proactive impact in the political sphere. 

It is time to move from simply feeling enraged to becoming meaningfully engaged!

Wondering where to start? 

Here are some important opportunities.

1. Contact elected representatives

When you have concerns regarding our education system, it is important to respectfully make your voice heard to elected representatives who are entrusted with responsibility and authority over Alberta's K-12 school system: 

  • PHONE the Education Minister's office: 780 427 5010 
    • TIP: Always ask the receptionist to repeat your concern back to you in order to ensure that it is copied and summarized accurately.
  • EMAIL the Minister of Education, David Eggen:
    • TIP: Always cc your email to:
      • your MLA (use the online Search Tool to find their contact information)
      • Mark Smith, United Conservative Party (UCP) Education Critic (780.542.3355, )
    • TIP: Keep your message short and to the point
  • CONTACT your locally elected school board trustee to ask questions and share your concerns.
  • ATTEND local school board meetings. Engage in the issues by becoming informed, asking questions and voicing your concerns.


2. Understand political party positions on education choice 

As citizens prepare for an anticipated provincial election, it is important to be aware of the positions of the various political parties when it comes to education choice. 

Visit our webpage "Political Party Positions on Education Choice" to learn more about positions of political parties who have current representation in the Alberta Legislature. 


The necessity of taking action in politics

We live in an amazing country, yet have been soothed into a false belief that our prosperity and freedom require nothing of us.

For far too long many people have only shown an interest in government on election day, if then.

And while we have allowed our political muscles to atrophy, the government's power has grown.

In fact, the government has become so arrogant that they have recently passed legislation making it illegal for school staff in Alberta to share important information with parents about their own children.    

Enough is enough. It's time to get involved!

As Randall Denley wisely stated in a recent Ottawa Citizen column:

We live in a participatory democracy, and that requires more than just voting every four years. If you are not satisfied with outsourcing your political choices to a relatively small number of other people, you have to get directly involved. That means joining a political party. The good news is that it’s inexpensive and demands only as much time as you are willing to give it.

It’s a little-understood fact, but the people who join political parties have enormous say over the choices we have on election day. They pick party leaders, choose local candidates and influence party policies. As a voter, you are one of millions. As a party member, you are one of thousands provincially, and usually one of hundreds at the riding level.

The greater the number of PCE supporters who are meaningfully engaged and mobilized, the stronger our impact will be toward ensuring the best possible education system both now and in the future!

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