Election training workshops


Are you looking at getting involved in politics?

If you are, then becoming a trustee is a good start – that’s how Premier Danielle Smith and Health Minister Adriana Lagrange began. All of the skills we teach are transferrable to other levels of government.

Do you want to make it your business to get good people elected?

You may not be able to make the commitment to be a candidate and elected official, but you may know others who are in a position to run. We will show you how you can get good people into office – by selecting a good candidate and running a successful campaign.

If you belong to one of these two groups, this course is for you!

Our courses run from 6:30 PM on Friday to 4:30 PM on Saturday. They cover the following topics:
• How to be an effective elected official
• How to run an election campaign
• How to talk about issues.

They also discuss the infrastructure of campaigns, from signs to data, and where to find it. We even provide a substantial handbook on how to run a campaign, together with coffee and snacks. You won’t find a better introduction to politics!

Space is limited. Please preregister:

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