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Inspiring Education – The Undermining of Parental Choice


Gay Straight Alliances: Researching the Research

Parents for Choice in education offers a new tool to all education stakeholders:

‘Gay Straight Alliances-Researching the Research’

This paper investigates the works that were used to support the premise that Gay Straight Alliances must be mandated in all schools where one student requests such a club. This premise led the Alberta Government to develop and pass Bill 10. Grave issues with the material foundation upon which Bill 10 was based are identified, including the fact that preliminary research was not sufficient and all essential stakeholders, especially parents, not included.

A child’s greatest allies are his or her parents. By removing parents from involvement in the development,  implementation, and even knowledge of anti-bullying clubs in schools, we risk great harm to children gay and straight, because we isolate these children from those who love them most at a time when they are exploring the most intimate and private matters of their sexuality.

Parents for Choice in Education concludes that more research must be done to ensure that Bill 10 will actually result in safer schools and healthier students. We are concerned that stripping parents of their involvement may result in the polar opposite: great harm to children.

PCE Paper: GSAs-Researching the Research


Gay Straight Alliances-What Every Parent Should Know

PCE affirms Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children”.

Parents for Choice in Education has had a paper prepared titled Gay Straight Alliances-What parents should know about Bill 10.

It is our hope that advocates for parent choice in education across the province of Alberta will find this work a useful tool. Let us all stand up and advocate for the return of parental primacy as to the culture and traditions of their children’s schools.

PCE Paper: GSAs – What Alberta parents should know about Bill 10