Invite Candidates to learn about PCE

Why invite the Candidates?

As the saying goes, we are living in interesting times. Parental choice and authority is being eroded all over the country. We’ve seen stories about children’s gender clinics that take referrals from schools without parental consent. We’ve seen stories about children being thrown out of Catholic schools for endorsing Catholic religious doctrines.  We are no longer simply discussing curriculum and funding: we are concerned about our children’s physical and psychological well-being and faced with authorities who believe that they know better than we how to raise our kids.

It's time to make it clear to our elected representatives that we expect action.  We need government and bureaucratic overreach to stop.  And with an election coming up in Alberta this May, we’re in a position to make our wishes heard.

Let them know what your concerns are.

• If you need help in thinking through your own concerns use our “Be informed” section accessible from our home page. The drop down menu has a number of topics that each have explanations and helpful examples of various issues.
• We have a list of questions that you can use.

Most importantly:

When candidates are jockeying for nominations, they are often willing to invite Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) to give a presentation. You can help by letting local nomination candidates know that they should invite PCE out to speak at an event featuring the important issues that parents care about.

These events bring fruit. A nomination candidate that invites PCE to speak is more likely to support parental choice measures if they win the ensuing election. Doing so in the last election is part of the reason that PCE has been so effective in advocacy over the past four years.

We also have a letter that you can personalize to send to the person you wish to contact.

Some ways that you can find the candidates who are running in your riding.

• Go to the list of registered parties and go through each party to see if they have posted their candidates yet.
• You can also find a list of nominated candidates and nomination races on the site of politics and elections blogger Dave Cournoyer.

If you are unfamiliar with the political process or think that it is overwhelming, please see our information page on how you can take action in politics. Scroll down to see the sections on nominations.