Parents for Choice in Education


Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) is an Alberta-based, non-profit advocacy organization that believes in excellence in education through maximum parental choice.

PCE strongly supports a high-quality public education system in Alberta.

We believe that parents are the experts of their own children, and that they should be free to choose the method of schooling that best meets the needs of their families.

These alternatives can include publicly funded alternative programs, Catholic schools, private schools, virtual schools, charter schools or home schooling.

Children don’t come one-size-fits-all. Education shouldn’t either.


PCE supports Alberta families through three main areas of advocacy:

School Choice

In the province of Alberta, there is tremendous diversity found amongst families. Our diversity is what helps make our province strong!

For this reason there must be a variety of options available to every parent when they are looking for the best placement for the education of their children.  

Parental Consent

At PCE, we strongly disagree with any government mandate, policy or law which bypasses parental consent and interferes with the parent/child bond.  

Parents know what is best for their child; not government, bureaucrats or activists. 


Basic skills outcomes need to be clearly defined and met by schools across Alberta.

When it comes to the selection of the most effective resources and methodology/techniques to meet these outcomes, educators and schools must be freed up to select what best meets the needs of their unique students.


There are many changes being made to government policies which threaten parental choice.

Here are ways you can help:

1. Learn More

Browse through the informative print and video resources available on our website, sign up on our homepage to subscribe to our email newsletters and join our Facebook page (parents4choice).

2. Inform Others

We provide resources that can be easily printed, as well as shared over social media.

3. Take Action

There are many specific, concrete actions people can take to make a difference. Browse our website for ideas.

4. Financial Support

As a non-profit organization, PCE depends entirely on the voluntary donations of parents and other concerned citizens to carry out its mission. 

Become a monthly donor to become an essential part of supporting Alberta students by advocating for excellence in education through maximum choice.