School Settings

In the province of Alberta, there is tremendous diversity found among families. Our diversity is what helps make our province strong! 

To best serve the diverse needs of Alberta children and families, PCE advocates for a high-quality public education system, as well as authentic choice from a variety of education options, including publicly funded alternative programs, Catholic schools, private schools, online schools, charter schools and home education.

Children don't come one-size-fits-all.  Education shouldn't either.

PCE believes parents are the experts of their own children, and that they should be free to choose the education setting that best meets the unique needs of their children and families.

We know parents make choices about their child’s education based on serious thought and sound analysis of the pros and cons of available options and that parents are better positioned to understand their child’s best interest than politicians, bureaucrats, or special interest groups.

School choice gives unique opportunities to students who can, at the appropriate age and with the permission and support of their parents, make education decisions based on their planned career path, values, and preferences. 

Calgary Herald editorial by Mark Milke, Ph.D:
Private schools foster independent thought – and save money  

September 19, 2016 – Edmonton Journal
Strong Arm of the state can’t over power charter freedoms of Alberta’s faith-based schools


Home Education in Alberta

Understanding Home Education: What is it? How is it structured? - an article written by Parents for Choice in Education

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