K-12 Education options in Alberta


Understanding education options in Alberta

Alberta "offers the greatest degree of school choice in Canada", according to a cross-Canada comparative analysis Measuring Choice and Competition in Canadian Education, published by the Barbara Mitchell Centre for Improvement in Education.

Alberta's wide array of education choices include government public schools, separate (Catholic) schools, Francophone schools, independent schools, home education, charter schools, as well as a broad range of alternative programs within public and separate schools.  

More in-depth information about these various options is available on the Alberta government "Education Options" page, as well as through a variety of additional organizations, articles and videos, some of which are listed below.  


Separate (Catholic) schools in Alberta


Independent (Private) Schools in Alberta


Home Education in Alberta


Online learning options in Alberta


Charter schools in Alberta


Francophone schools in Alberta


To learn more about the key components and benefits of authentic education choice, as well as the areas which strengthen or hinder education choice, visit the "What is education choice?" page on our website. 

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