Trustee Contact Page - Public School Districts

Every four years, during municipal elections, citizens elect school trustees for Alberta's 42 public school districts and 17 separate (Catholic) school districts.

The most recent election was held in October 2017. 

In order to ensure school boards are operated with transparency and accountability, PCE has compiled the contact information for all school trustees in Alberta, helping citizens to more easily contact their elected representatives and voice their questions and concerns.

Public school district trustees are listed below, while the contact information for Separate/Catholic school trustees is listed on the "Trustee Contact Page - Catholic School Districts"

School board trustees set important policies and priorities which directly impact the experience of students and families within their district.

They also manage budgets which range from multi-millions in some areas to more than $1 billion dollars each for Calgary & Edmonton. These billions of dollars spent every year come directly from taxpayers

Trustee decisions even impact students and families beyond their own district. For example, certain public school boards/trustees have actively lobbied the provincial government to eliminate the choice of a separate Catholic system and to defund independent school students.

Remember: Even if you have don’t have a child in school or in the public school system, we all pay taxes to fund the system and we all reap the consequences of how it is managed, whether wisely or poorly.

For help identifying the public school division where you live, please refer to Alberta Education's Public School Jurisdiction map.  

*If you notice any errors please email

Aspen View Public School Division No. 78 

Dennis MacNeil, Candy Nikipelo (Chair), April Bauer, Donna Cherniwchan, Anne Karczmarczyk, Tom Mykytiuk, Nancy Sand;;;;;;

Battle River Regional Division No. 31

Kendall Severson, Norm Erickson (Chair), Lyle Albrecht, Karen Belich, Zsuzsanna Hemperger, Jeff Kimball, Valeri Sims, Laurie Skori;;;;​​;;;

Black Gold Regional Division No. 18

Robyn Steed, Rebecca Eilander, Esther Eckert, Shawna Ofstie, Devonna Klaassen, Sarah O’Gorman, Barb Martinson (Chair);;;;;;

Buffalo Trail Public Schools Regional Division No. 2

Darcy Eddleson (Chair), Lanie Parr, Rose Gorniak, Barry Livingston, Sheldon Archibald, Stephanie Spornitz, Bruce Marriott, Marie Isaman, Jim King;;;;;;;;

Calgary School District No. 19

Trina Hurdman, Althea Adams, Marilyn Dennis (Chair), Lisa Davis, Richard Hehr, Julie Hrdicka, Mike Bradshaw;;;;;;

Canadian Rockies Regional Division No. 12

Carol Picard (Chair), Arlene Rheaume, Scott Rowed, Jen Smith, Luke Sunderland;;;;

Chinook's Edge School Division No. 73

Colleen Butler, Joe-Anne Knispel-Matejka, Sherry Cooper, Holly Bilton, Connie Huelsman, Allan Tarnoczi (Chair), Trudy James, Gordon Kerr, Melissa Copley;;;;;;;;

Clearview School Division No. 71

Ken Checkel, Guy Neitz, Erika Grice, Greg Hayden (Chair), John Schofer, Becky Scott, Kim Smyth;;;;;;

Edmonton School District No. 7

Cheryl Johner, Michelle Draper, Shelagh Dunn, Trisha Estabrooks (Chair), Ken Gibson, Michael Janz, Bridget Stirling, Nathan Ip, Sherry Adams;;;;;;;;

Elk Island Public Schools Regional Division No. 14

Trina Boymook (Chair), Annette Hubick, Don Irwin, W.H. (Skip) Gordon, Jim Seutter, Harvey Stadnick, Heather Wall, Colleen Holowaychuk, Randy Footz;;;;;;;

Foothills School Division No. 38

William Young, Theresa Letendre, Larry Albrecht (Chair), Jack Molyneux, Sharon Nichols, Jennifer Kristiansen,;;;;;

Fort McMurray Public School District No. 2833

Linda Mywaart (Chair), Angela Adams, Stephen Drover, Timothy O'Hara, Solange Maher, Dan Rizzuto, Jonathan Lambert;;; Timothy.O'; Solange.;;

Fort Vermilion School Division No. 52

Clark McAsklie (Chair), Tim Driedger, Jesse Darling, Marc Beland, Linda Kowal, Leah Lizotte, Henry Goertzen, John Zacharias;;;;;;;

Golden Hills School Division No. 75

Laurie Huntley (Chair), Barry Kletke, James Northcott, Justin Bolin, Jennifer Mertz, Rob Pirie;;;;;

Grande Prairie School District No. 2357

John Lehners (Chair), Joan Nellis, Andre Ouellette, ​Lesley Craig, ​Lynn Driedger, ​Paulette Kurylo, Rob Martin;;;;;;

Grande Yellowhead Public School Division No. 77

Brenda Rosadiuk (Chair), Joan Zaporosky, Shirley Caputo, Ken Fate, Dale Karpluk, Ellen Aust, Fiona Fowler;;;;;;

Grasslands Regional Division No. 6

Kathi Jacobson, Jody Trembecki (Chair), Melanie Chapman, Melanie Reed-Zukowski, Pat Connor, Shaun Roth;;;;;

High Prairie School Division No. 48

Karin Scholl, Lynn Skrepnek, Joyce Dvornek (Chair), Lorraine Shelp, Ali Mouallem, Steve Adams, Adrian Wong;;;;;;;;

Horizon School Division No. 67

Marie Logan (Chair), Bruce Francis, Jennifer Crowson, Christa Runka, Derek Baron, Rick Anderson, Blair Lowry;;;;;;

Lethbridge School District No. 51

Clark Bosch (Chair), Jan Foster, Tyler Demers, Donna Hunt, Douglas James, Lola Major, Christine Light;;;;;;

Livingstone Range School Division No. 68

John McKee, Brad Toone, Greg Long, Clara Yagos, Jim Burdett, Lori Hodges (Chair), Lacey Poytress;;;;;;

Lloydminster Public School Division

David Thompson (Chair), Karoline Kennedy, Cathy Cornet, Eric Bloch-Hansen, Joy Wareham, Chrissy Gee, Allan Park;;;;;;

Medicine Hat School District No. 76

Rick Massini (Chair), Catherine Fraser, Deborah Forbes, Carolyn Freeman, Celina Symmonds;;;;

Northern Gateway Regional Division No. 10

Judy Muir (Chair), Barb Maddigan, Sherry Jeffreys, Linda Wigton, Ethan Thesen, Diane Hagman, Anita Portsmouth, Gerry Steinke, Christine Peck;;;;;;;;

Northern Lights School Division No. 69

Karen Packard, Garry Kissel, Mandi Skogen, Lorne Kaban, Debra Lozinski, Maurice Richard, Michael Topylki, Arlene Hrynyk (Chair), Ron Young;;;;;;;;

Northland School Division No. 61

Maddy Daniels, Randy Anderson, Cathy Wanyandie, Jesse Lamouche, Louis Cardinal, Silas Yellowknee, Robin Guild (Chair), Loretta Gladue, Jules Nokohoo, Karen Telford, Rubi Shirley;;;;;;;;;;

Palliser Regional Division No. 26

Robert Strauss (Chair), Debbie Laturnus, Kristine Cassie, Lorelei Bexte, Sharon Rutledge, Don Boras;;;;;

Parkland School Division No. 70

Eric Cameron, Ron Heinrichs, Lorraine Stewart (Chair), Sally Kucher-Johnson, Paul McCann, Darlene Clarke, Anne Montgomery;;;;;;

Peace River School Division No. 10

Christopher Schneider, Delainah Velichka, Darren Kuester (Chair), Crystal Owens, Lori Leitch, Robyn Robertson;;;;;

Peace Wapiti School Division No. 76

Dana McIntosh, Stefanie Clarke, Kari Scheers (Chair), Sharilyn Anderson, Lori Grant, Kim Moodie, Wendy Kelm, Dale Crane, Bob Knull, Joy Joachim;;;;;;;;;

Pembina Hills Regional Division No. 7

Jennifer Tuininga (Chair), Jackie Comeau, Jackie Carson, Judy Lefebvre, Nancy Keough, Kerry McElroy, Wendy Scinski;;;;;;

Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25

Marsha Tkach, Holli Smith (Chair), Shandele Battle, Gwen Hampton, Barry Davis, Tammy Burns, Lindsay Bond, Shauna Davies;;;;;;;

Prairie Rose School Division No. 8

Stuart Angle (Chair), Cathy Hogg, Arnold Frank, Pam Cursons, Stacy Hammel, Graeme Dennis, Lois Bedwell, Lucille Hertz;;;;;;;

Red Deer Public School District No. 104

Bev Manning, Cathy Peacocke, Nicole Buchanan (Chair), Bill Christie, Dianne Macaulay, Bill Stuebing, Laurette Woodward;;;;;;

Rocky View School Division No. 41

Shali Baziuk, Patty Sproule, Melyssa Bowen, Todd Brand, Jim Forrest, Norma Lang, Judi Hunter, Fiona Gilbert (Chair);;;;;;;

St. Albert Public School District No. 5565

Kim Armstrong, Cheryl Dumont, Glenys Edwards (Chair), Stanley Haroun, Sheri Wright;;;;

St. Paul Education Regional Division No. 1

Lorne Young, Ruven Rajoo, Dwight Wiebe, Heather Starosielski (Chair), Justin Anderson;;;;

Sturgeon School Division No. 24

Terry Jewell (Chair), Tasha Oatway-Mclay, Joe Dwyer, Janine Pequin, Liz Kohle, Misty Featherley, Trish Murray-Elliott;;;;;;

Westwind School Division No. 74

Patricia Beazer, Anna-Joyce Frank, Ross Blackmer, Doug Smith, Peggy Blackmore, Jessica Payne, Josh Smith, Rob Wendorff, Jim Ralph (Chair);;;;;;;;

Wetaskiwin Regional Division No. 11

Leanne Axelsen, Barb Johnson, Jayne Pettifor, Lynn Ware (Chair), Dave Gursky, Karen Becker, Randy Ermineskin, Rhonda Peters;;;;;;;

Wild Rose School Division No. 66

Russ Hickman (Chair), Heidi Hetherington, Daryl Scott, Mae Tryon, Gary Thompson, Julie Andrew;;;;;

Wolf Creek School Division No. 72

Trudy Bratland, Brent Buchanan, Pamela Hansen (Chair), Luci Henry, Lorrie Jess, Kelly Lowrey;;;;;