Trustee Contact Page - Public School Districts

Every four years, during municipal elections, citizens elect school trustees for Alberta's 42 public, 17 separate (Catholic), and 4 Francophone school districts.

The most recent election was held in October 2021 our contact page has not been updated yet. 

In order to ensure school boards are operated with transparency and accountability, PCE has compiled the contact information for all school trustees in Alberta, helping citizens to more easily contact their elected representatives and voice their questions and concerns.

Public school district trustees are listed below, while the contact information for Separate/Catholic school trustees is listed on the "Trustee Contact Page - Catholic School Districts", and the contact information for Francophone school trustees is listed the "Trustee Contact Page- Francophone School Districts"

School board trustees set important policies and priorities which directly impact the experience of students and families within their district.

They also manage budgets which range from multi-millions in some areas to more than $1 billion dollars each for Calgary & Edmonton. These billions of dollars spent every year come directly from taxpayers

Trustee decisions even impact students and families beyond their own district. For example, certain public school boards/trustees have actively lobbied the provincial government to eliminate the choice of a separate Catholic system and to defund independent school students.

Remember: Even if you have don’t have a child in school or in the public school system, we all pay taxes to fund the system and we all reap the consequences of how it is managed, whether wisely or poorly.

For help identifying the public school division where you live, please refer to Alberta Education's Public School Jurisdiction map.  

*If you notice any errors please email [email protected]

Aspen View Public School Division No. 78 

Candy  Nikipelo - [email protected]
Anne Karczmarczyk - [email protected]
April Bauer - [email protected]
Elohne Chizawsky - [email protected]
Dennis MacNeil - [email protected]
Cindy Lutz - [email protected]
Donna Cherniwchan - [email protected]

Battle River Regional Division No. 31

Karen Belich - [email protected]
Doug Algar - [email protected]
Dwight Dibben - [email protected]
Patrick McFeely - [email protected]
Kendall Severson  - [email protected]
Lyle Albrecht   - [email protected]

Black Gold Regional Division No. 18

Devonna Klaassen - [email protected]
Esther Eckert - [email protected]
Barb Martinson - [email protected]
Angie Charpentier - [email protected]
Robyn Steed - [email protected]
Michelle Martin - [email protected]
Gary Hansen - [email protected]

Buffalo Trail Public Schools Regional Division No. 2

Stephanie Spornitz - [email protected]
Darla Yonkman - [email protected]
Stephanie Cooper - [email protected]
David Bensmiller - [email protected]
Jessica Kaastrup - [email protected]
Tanys Ford - [email protected]
Barry Livingston - [email protected]
Jim King -  [email protected]
Kara Jackson - [email protected]

Calgary School District No. 19

Laura Hack - [email protected]
Susan Vukadinovic - [email protected]
Charlene May - [email protected]
Nancy Close - [email protected]
Marilyn Dennis - [email protected]
Dana Downey - [email protected]
Patricia Bolger - [email protected]

Canadian Rockies Regional Division No. 12

Arlene Rheaume - [email protected]
Brian Callaghan - [email protected]
Luke Sunderland - [email protected]
Carol Picard - [email protected]
Dale Craig - [email protected]

Chinook's Edge School Division No. 73

Holly Bilton -  [email protected]
Melissa Copley - [email protected]
Terry Leslie - [email protected]
Gord Kerr - [email protected]
Katherine Kemmere - [email protected]
Sherry Cooper - [email protected]
De Anne Hutchinson - [email protected]
Linda Wagers -  [email protected]
Jackie Swainson -  [email protected]

Clearview School Division No. 71

Guy Neitz -  [email protected]
Kimberly Smyth -  [email protected]
Erika Grice -  [email protected]
John Schofer -  [email protected]
Shauna-Lee Thomas -  [email protected]
Greg Hayden -  [email protected]
Rebecca Scott -  [email protected]

Edmonton School District No. 7

Trisha Estabrooks -  [email protected]
Nathan Ip - [email protected]
Marcia Hole -  [email protected]
Jan Sawyer -  [email protected]
Saadiq Sumar - [email protected]
Julie Kusiek -  [email protected]
Dawn Hancock -  [email protected]
Marsha Nelson -  [email protected]
Sherri O'keefe -  [email protected]

Elk Island Public Schools Regional Division No. 14

Trina Boymook -  [email protected]
Colleen Holowaychuk -  [email protected]
Randy Footz -  [email protected]
Jacqueline Shobolt -  [email protected]
Ralph Sorochan -  [email protected]
Cathy Allen -  [email protected]
Don Irwin -  [email protected]
Susan Miller -  [email protected]
Jim Seutter -  [email protected]

Foothills School Division No. 38

Theresa Letendre -  [email protected]
John Evans -  [email protected]
Sharon Nichols -  [email protected]
Phil Irwin -  [email protected]
Jack Molyneux -  [email protected]
Lisa Penzo -  [email protected]

Fort McMurray Public School District No. 2833

Linda Mywaart -  [email protected]
Angela Adams -  [email protected]
Lorna Spargo -  [email protected]
Jonathan Lambert -  [email protected]
Tim O'Hara -  [email protected]
Malcolm Setter -  [email protected]
Jason Schulz -  [email protected]

Fort Vermillion School Division No. 52

Cathie Langmead -  [email protected]
Paula Galenzoski -  [email protected]
Kelsey Janvier -  [email protected]
Jonathan Higdon -  [email protected]
Anthony Hoffman -  [email protected]
Henry Goertzen -  [email protected]
John Zacharias -  [email protected]
Amanda Paul -  [email protected]
Dale Lederer -  [email protected]

Golden Hills School Division No. 75

Laurie Huntley -  [email protected]
Barry Kletke -  [email protected]
Robert Pirie -  [email protected]
Jennifer Mertz -  [email protected]
Justin Bolin -  [email protected]
James Northcott -  [email protected]

Grande Prairie School District No. 2357

Joan Nellis -  [email protected]
Andre Ouellette -  [email protected]
Ray Buziak -  [email protected]
Rob Martin -  [email protected]
Donna Koch -  [email protected]
Chris Johnston -  [email protected]
Paulette Kurylo -  [email protected]

Grande Yellowhead Public School Division No. 77

Dale Karpluk -  [email protected]
Shirley Caputo -  [email protected]
Darrel Delisle -  [email protected]
Jocelyn Pettitt -  [email protected]
Yvonne Oshanyk -  [email protected]
Fiona Fowler -  [email protected]
Melodie Bobilek -  [email protected]

Grasslands Regional Division No. 6

Pat Connor -  [email protected]
Melanie Reed-Zukowski -  [email protected]
Leslie Douglass -  [email protected]
Ahmed Kassem -  [email protected]
Braden Schroeder -  [email protected]
Linda Morey -  [email protected]

High Prairie School Division No. 48

Joy McGregor -  [email protected]
Tammy Henkel -  [email protected]
Karin Scholl -  [email protected]
Adrian Wong -  [email protected]
Lorrie Shelp -  [email protected]
Cory Hughes -  [email protected]
Lynn Skrepnek -  [email protected]

Horizon School Division No. 67

Marie Logan -  [email protected]
Bruce Francis -  [email protected]
Maxwell Hoist -  [email protected]
Jennifer Crowson -  [email protected]
Blair Lowry -  [email protected]
Derek Baron -  [email protected]
Mandy Court -  [email protected]

Lethbridge School District No. 51

Allison Purcell -  [email protected]
Christine Light -  [email protected]
Genny Steed -  [email protected]
Andrea Andreachuk -  [email protected]
Craig Whitehead -  [email protected]
Tyler Demers -  [email protected]
Kristina Larkin -  [email protected]

Livingstone Range School Division No. 68

Lacey Poytress -  [email protected]
Gregory Long -  [email protected]
Carla Gimber -  [email protected]
Joscelyn Stangowitz -  [email protected]
Brad Toone -  [email protected]
Clara Yagos -  [email protected]
Lori Hodges -  [email protected]

Lloydminster Public School Division

David Thompson -  [email protected]
Chrissy Gee -  [email protected]
Viren Tailor -  [email protected]
Cathy Cornet -  [email protected]
Melanie Mutter -  [email protected]
Karoline Kennedy -  [email protected]
Georgina Veltikold -  [email protected]

Medicine Hat School District No. 76

Catherine Wilson-Fraser - [email protected]
Rick Massini - [email protected]
Deborah Forbes - [email protected]
Yvonne Sissons - [email protected]
Patrick Grisonich - [email protected]

Northern Gateway Regional Division No. 10

Barb Maddigan -  [email protected]
Christine Peck -  [email protected]
Jim Hailes -  [email protected]
Linda Wigton -  [email protected]
Judy Muir -  [email protected]
Diane Hagman -  [email protected]
Sally Petryshen -  [email protected]
Gerry Steinke -  [email protected]
Debbie Koloski -  [email protected]

Northern Lights School Division No. 69

Karen Packard -  [email protected]
Garry Kissel -  [email protected]
Blair Norton -  [email protected]
Roy Ripkens -  [email protected]
Ron Young -  [email protected]
Lois Phillips -  [email protected]
Mandi Skogen -  [email protected]
Debra Lozinski -  [email protected]
Cheryl Edwards -  [email protected]

Northland School Division No. 61

Robin Guild -  [email protected]
Cathy Wanyandie -  [email protected]
Bonnie Lamouche -  [email protected]
Jesse Lamouche -  [email protected]
Aimee McCamon -  [email protected]
Thomas Auger -  [email protected]
Carmen Laboucane -  [email protected]
Julia Cardinal -  [email protected]
Skye Durocher -  [email protected]
Loretta Gladue -  [email protected]

Palliser Regional Division No. 26

Lorelei Bexte -  [email protected]
Debbie Laturnus -  [email protected]
Sharon Rutledge -  [email protected]
Louise Schmidt -  [email protected]
Michael Oliver -  [email protected]
Tony Montina -  [email protected]

Parkland School Division No. 70

Lorraine Stewart -  [email protected]
Anne Montgomery -  [email protected]
Jill Osborne -  [email protected]
Aimee Hennig -  [email protected]
Paul McCann -  [email protected]
Eric Cameron -  [email protected]

Peace River School Division No. 10

Aileen Wagner -  [email protected]
Lori Leitch -  [email protected]
Crystal Owens -  [email protected]
Delainah Velichka -  [email protected]
Robyn Robertson -  [email protected]
Moise Dion -  [email protected]
Marie Dyck -  [email protected]
Lacey Buchinski -  [email protected]

Peace Wapiti School Division No. 76

Dana McIntosh - [email protected]
Lori Grant - [email protected]
Dwayne Speager - [email protected]
Stefanie Clarke - [email protected]
Martine Elziabeth Piebiak - [email protected]
Dale Crane -  [email protected]
Blaine Riding -  [email protected]
Wendy Kelm -  [email protected]
Millie Turner -  [email protected]

Pembina Hills Regional Division No. 7

Judy Lefebvre -  [email protected]
Victoria Kane -  [email protected]
David Truckey -  [email protected]
Maureen Schnirer -  [email protected]
Sherry Allen -  [email protected]
Melissa Hanna -  [email protected]

Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25

Holli Smith -  [email protected]
Marsha Tkach -  [email protected]
Shauna Davies -  [email protected]
Jinel Ference -  [email protected]
Lindsay Bond -  [email protected]
Ken Macfarlane -  [email protected]
Shandele Battle -  [email protected]
Scott MacPherson -  [email protected]

Prairie Rose School Division No. 8

Cathy Hogg -  [email protected]
Lois Bedwell -  [email protected]
Nancy Haraga -  [email protected]
Graeme Dennis -  [email protected]
Patty Rooks -  [email protected]
Shauna VanderSpruit -  [email protected]
Pam Cursons -  [email protected]

Red Deer Public School District No. 104

Nicole Buchanan -  [email protected]
Cathy Peacocke -  [email protected]
Dianne Macaulay -  [email protected]
Jim Watters -  [email protected]
Angela Sommers -  [email protected]
Matt Gould -  [email protected]
Bev Manning -  [email protected]

Rocky View School Division No. 41

Fiona Gilbert -  [email protected]
Norma Lang -  [email protected]
Shelley Kinley -  [email protected]
Shali Baziuk -  [email protected]
Melyssa Bowen -  [email protected]
Judi Hunter -  [email protected]
Todd Brand -  [email protected]
Fred Burley -  [email protected]

St. Albert Public School District No. 5565

Kim Armstrong -  [email protected]
Stanley Haroun -  [email protected]
John Allen -  [email protected]
Kristi Rouse -  [email protected]
Sheyanne Levall-Crouse -  [email protected]

St. Paul Education Regional Division No. 1

Heather Starosielski -  [email protected]
Darcy Younghans -  [email protected]
Lorette Anderson -  [email protected]
Dwight Wiebe -  [email protected]
Sylvie Smyl -  [email protected]
Jan Rajoo -  [email protected]

Sturgeon School Division No. 24

Joe Dwyer -  [email protected]
Irene Gibbons -  [email protected]
Stacey Buga -  [email protected]
Janine Pequin -  [email protected]
Cindy Briggs -  [email protected]
Tasha Oatway-McLay -  [email protected]
Trish Murray-Elliott -  [email protected]

Westwind School Division No. 74

Jim Ralph -  [email protected]
Douglas Smith -  [email protected]
Colin Paterson -  [email protected]
Tami Tolley -  [email protected]
Anna-Joyce Frank -  [email protected]
Joshua Smith -  [email protected]
Ross Blackmer -  [email protected]
Rod Wendorff -  [email protected]
Jessica Payne -  [email protected]

Wetaskiwin Regional Division No. 11

Lynn Ware -  [email protected]
Karen Becker -  [email protected]
Joline Mearon-Bull -  [email protected]
Leanne Axelsen -  [email protected]
Laura White -  [email protected]
Kyle Dorchester -  [email protected]
Kathryn Weremey -  [email protected]
Barb Johnson -  [email protected]

Wild Rose School Division No. 66

Daryl Scott -  [email protected]
Heidi Hetheringon -  [email protected]
Mae Tryon -  [email protected]
Jackie Janes -  [email protected]
Charlene Bearhead -  [email protected]
Penni Lougheed -  [email protected]

Wolf Creek School Division No. 72

Luci Henry -  [email protected]
Kelly Lowry -  [email protected]
Trudy Bratland -  [email protected]
Darryl Stendie -  [email protected]
Lana Thompson -  [email protected]
Brent Buchanan -  [email protected]