PCE Toolkit: Know how new laws impact Alberta schools & how to respond


Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) has produced a practical and informative toolkit to equip you with:

  • knowledge of the law brought into effect by Bill 10 (Mar 2015) and Bill 24 (Nov 2017)
  • how to find and decipher school board policies in your area,
  • facts to counter the false assurances and excuses that will come your way, whether from your school, elected representatives, political candidates or in your everyday conversations in the public sphere

Let’s empower ourselves to take back the conversation - in the media and politics, at our schools and in our communities - by insisting upon deeper conversations, based on the facts instead of shallow rhetoric and false assumptions.



PART A: How did Bill 10 & 24 change law in Alberta schools?




Part B: What are the "Safe and Caring" policies for your child's school? 



Part C: How can you respond to false assurances about new laws in Alberta schools?


To download a printable version of the entire PCE Toolkit, CLICK HERE 

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