Reminder: Vote wisely for UCP leadership election

UCP_Leadership_Candidates02.jpgWe would like to remind our grassroots supporters that if you are a member of the United Conservative Party (UCP), and registered prior to the Oct 13th deadline, that you are eligible to vote in the upcoming leadership election taking place Oct 26th to 28th, 2017. 

It is essential that every registered UCP member votes wisely, as you are likely not only selecting the new leader of the party, but also the person who could be the next premier of Alberta.

In light of the Education Minister’s recent announcement that he will use the coercive strong-arm of the government to legally enforce secrecy, it is more important than ever to have a strong and principled United Conservative leader who will properly represent children, parents and families in the Alberta legislature.

We must elect a leader that will help his caucus to courageously challenge legislative changes that seek to strip parental rights and leave our most vulnerable children with ever narrowing supports in Alberta schools.

There are three candidates in the UCP leadership race: Brian Jean, Jason Kenney and Doug Schweitzer. Jeff Callaway has stepped out of the race and endorsed Jason Kenney.

PCE has prepared a helpful guide that provides information on where each of the three candidates stand on important education topics.

The areas of information we have collected in order to help inform your vote are:

  1. PCE’s engagement with individual UCP candidates
  2. Candidate questionnaire responses
  3. Statements of candidates in the news

To access this helpful resource and learn where the UCP candidates stand CLICK HERE.