Alberta Teachers’ Association states “confidence” in “expert” who shares highly sexualized & discriminatory content



Alberta parents and teachers should be extremely concerned.

In response to issues raised by Parents for Choice in Education (PCE), the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) President Greg Jeffery has issued a public statement proclaiming “confidence” in the “professionalism” of a Palliser Teachers’ Convention keynote speaker who has:

- repeatedly shared highly sexualized and discriminatory content on social media
- demonstrated unprofessional public behaviour toward parents
- and whose organization provided and legitimized the use of sexually graphic material for audiences of children/youth
*Visual evidence available here (viewer discretion is advised)

Keep in mind the ATA is the same organization responsible for writing and maintaining professional standards for teachers across Alberta!

How are Albertans supposed to have any confidence in the state of public education when the bar of so-called “professionalism” is set at this level by the ATA?

What confidence does the ATA inspire in public education when they entrust someone with this kind of public track record to work “extensively on providing supports and resources for teachers and schools”?

The ATA claimed that legitimate concerns were “without merit”, dismissing parents and educators across the province of Alberta without addressing any of the evidence provided to them, while also mischaracterizing the important work of PCE.

Parents for Choice in Education is committed to advocating for an excellent, quality-oriented, and choice-driven education system which recognizes parental authority. We invite anyone to come to our website and get to know us and our work. We fully support teachers receiving the appropriate professional training they require to meet the diverse needs of children in schools.

It is time for the ATA to uphold their own commitment to welcoming, caring, safe and respectful learning environments in Alberta schools.  This is only possible if they ensure that anyone entrusted to provide support to staff and students exemplifies the highest standards of professional public conduct.

Alberta teachers, we stand with you as you confront the ATA and demand that your association better represent the professionalism of teaching that you work hard to maintain in your classrooms and the public sphere everyday.

You deserve better from an association that you pay every month to advocate on your behalf.

Enough is enough.

Parents, we also stand with you as you ensure that the teachers are aware of how the ATA is compromising standards of professionalism and undermining your confidence in Alberta’s education system.  

We invite you to share the original PCE blog article detailing the concerns, alongside the visual evidence.

Ensure that teachers and principals in your life are aware that the ATA continues to entrust these so-called “experts” with significant influence and authority within Alberta’s education system.  

We thank the many thousands of you who continue to be the strength behind Parents for Choice in Education. You are the backbone of our work as we advocate for the highest standards of safety, care and education for each and every child in Alberta schools.  

If you would like to communicate your concerns directly with ATA President Greg Jeffery, his email is [email protected]