New home ed option, confronting bad ATA arguments & Education Minister meeting: September in review


New PCE editorial and TV interview!

Thanks to the National Telegraph for publishing PCE’s response to a recent attack on education choice launched by a former Alberta Teachers’ Association president. 

Read PCE’s full editorial by clicking here or on the picture below: 


PCE also did a TV interview with Tanya Granic Allan, former president of Ontario’s Parents as First Educators, on her new show “Counterpoint”, where PCE’s Executive Director, Jeff Park, had the opportunity to highlight Alberta’s leadership on education choice.

Watch the interview segment with Jeff Park at the 11 minute 04 second mark by clicking here or on the picture below.

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Exciting changes to home education in Alberta

PCE celebrates the new Home Education Regulation for what it is: a huge win.

With the addition of a “Notification Only, No Funding” option, championed principally by AHEA, Alberta families have a brand-new choice on the education landscape.

Alberta, already the flagship for education choice on this continent, waves the flag higher!

While PCE is pleased to see a broader array of options for home educators, we also see the need for improvements when it comes to specific wording in the Home Education Regulation related to the authority to investigate and terminate a home education program.  PCE provided details of these concerns in our blog article: A Revel and Remedy: Review of New Home Education Regulations

PCE welcomed the opportunity to meet with Education Minister LaGrange in September and brought forward specific suggestions to alleviate these concerns. We look forward to these concerns being addressed as we work hard to continue improving and strengthening education choice in Alberta.


Meetings with the Minister of Education, MLAs and education organizations

Thank you to Alberta’s Minister of Education, Adriana LaGrange, for meeting with PCE’s Jeff Park and Theresa Ng in September. At this meeting PCE had the opportunity to discuss some issues related to education funding, as well as share suggestions for further strengthening the new Home Education Regulation.

PCE's Executive Director, Jeff Park, also began meeting with other MLAs, including MLA for Red Deer-South Jason Stephan. They discussed opportunities for the governing caucus, of which MLA Stephan is a member, to keep choice in education on the legislative agenda.  Jeff looks forward to continuing to meet with MLAs to build increased support and understanding of education choice in Alberta!

In Alberta we are privileged to have several organizations involved in various aspects of K-12 education and PCE appreciated meeting various representatives this past month, including Ed Hoogerdyk, Alberta’s Director for ARPA (Association for Reformed Political Action), Judy Arnall, president of AHA (Alberta Homeschooling Association) and Shawna Sundal, Government Liaison for AHEA (Alberta Home Education Association).  We are grateful to all these organizations for their important work supporting and representing a diversity of student and family needs within our province!


Home education and special needs funding – PCE wants to hear from you!

PCE recognizes funding is a key obstacle preventing many parents from accessing the education setting they believe would be most beneficial for their child.

During PCE’s recent meeting with Education Minister LaGrange, we shared concerns we received from parents regarding lack of funding support for students with special needs who access home education. 

That said, if you or others you know have experienced difficulty accessing home education specifically due to the lack of funding supports for special needs students, please send an email to PCE’s Executive Director, Jeff Park ([email protected]) as we seek to better understand the scope of this issue.



As you know, an important way to exert influence is to be engaged in the political process and we're excited to share an upcoming opportunity where you can do just that.

Coming up soon is the United Conservative Party Annual General Meeting (UCP AGM), taking place October 16, 17 and 24.

Due to the government’s restrictions on large gatherings, this year's UCP AGM will be online only, meaning you can attend the AGM without leaving your family - just unmute during the sessions you intend to vote in!

Let us know if you register for the AGM by clicking here or on the button below and we'll keep you in the loop with important updates and information. Thank you, if you have already let us know!



Included below are a selection of recently published articles, related to our advocacy toward an excellent, quality-oriented, choice-driven education system which recognizes parental authority.


MOULTON: Time to end the teachers’ unions’ monopoly over public education in Ontario

Toronto Sun, 2020.09.18

Principles mentioned in Ontario hold true here as well: "Without competition, prices go up and quality goes down... And it’s bad for students." Great to see Alberta cited as a leader due to our unique offering of charter school choice!  [READ MORE]


New Alberta law creates more options for home educators and charter schools

CBC News, 2020.09.08

A big win for parental choice in education as expanded options are now available to Alberta families, including a new home education option and a more streamlined process for starting new charter schools. [READ MORE]. 

A related CBC radio segment featured representatives from AHA (Alberta Homeschooling Association) and AHEA (Alberta Home Education Association) providing further information on these changes: [LISTEN HERE]


5 schools in northern Alberta get green light to go mask-free

CBC News, 2020.09.09

A welcome exception. Education is not one-size-fits-all and it's important that local decision-makers can make accommodations to best fit the needs of each local context. [READ MORE]


'Pandemic-pods' offer Calgary families hybrid of online class, in-person instruction and child care

CBC News, 2020.09.02

Micro-classrooms are an innovative choice gaining traction in Alberta, though as pointed out in the article funding is a key pillar to enabling increased access to education choice. 

"We talk about choices in education as if everybody has the opportunity to make a choice. And truthfully, choice in education often... comes as a result of having the funds to make the choice" [READ MORE]


As a non-profit organization PCE depends entirely on the donations of citizens to continue strengthening education choice in Alberta.

Consider donating today to ensure we can keep doing this important work!

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