Alberta's NEW K-6 curriculum


On March 29th, 2021, Education Minister Adriana LaGrange announced the release of Alberta’s updated draft kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum, which will be piloted in classrooms during the 2021/22 school year and refined for use by K-6 students province-wide in 2022/23.

Complete drafts for all the K-6 subject areas are available on the Learn Alberta website and we encourage you to take a look yourself:

Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) is in the midst of reviewing all curriculum documents and will be listing links below to PCE commentary and analysis as they are published.  

According to the Alberta government news release there will be four key learning themes that span all grades:


  • Using phonics and other proven best practices, students will be taught to master reading, writing, speaking, and listening in order to build a strong foundation for learning.


  • By learning to think fluently about numbers and equations, students will gain essential knowledge for everyday tasks and a foundation for more complex learning in the future.


  • Drawing from history, geography, economics, civics, and other studies, students will develop an appreciation of how Canadians have built one of the most generous, prosperous, and diverse societies in the world.

Practical skills

  • From household budgeting, to digital literacy, business planning, healthy relationships and the importance of consent, students will learn a new set of essential skills that will prepare them for success in the real world.


Opportunity to provide feedback

There is an opportunity for people to provide feedback to the Alberta government on this new curriculum draft: Draft K-6 Curriculum – Public Feedback Survey

If you wish to send PCE your specific feedback and comments, feel free to e-mail PCE’s Executive Director John Hilton-O’Brien at [email protected]


Parents for Choice in Education commentary & analysis

Parents for Choice in Education will be providing ongoing updates, commentary and analysis on the new curriculum and will provide links below as they become available:


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