Happy Mother's Day; the Anniversary of the Rallies to Protect Alberta Children

Today we celebrate Mother's Day and the important bond shared between parents and their children. We also commemorate one year since the incredible simultaneous rallies to Protect Alberta Children, by upholding parental rights at the Edmonton Legislature and Calgary McDougall Centre, attended by 4,300+ people from across the province.


Some have asked about whether we will rally this year. We have found that this year our energies are best served behind the scenes, investing limited time and energy in much-needed work to bulk up PCE's infrastructure in order to best accommodate our incredibly rapid growth. 

This growth is the direct result of our tireless outreach to inform, educate and engage parents, MLAs, teachers, trustees, media and other stakeholders in many different ways in order to support families and their children across this province.

Consider putting your support behind our many initiatives, including signing our Parental Consent is Key open letter.

We invite you to watch Executive Director Donna Trimble's speech from last year's rally in Calgary and be encouraged and inspired to continue advocating and defending the precious bond that is essential to every child. This bond is found in the sanctuary of loving families across this province.

Let's continue to stand together as parents, grandparents and citizens across Alberta and support our children through strengthening parental involvement and family engagement.

Donna Trimble's speech predicted more accurately than any of us could have imagined, what the future held in Alberta schools, because law continues to allow for the circumvention of parents in the care and education of their precious children in schools.

The battle is not over, and Parents for Choice in Education stands with each one of you as the fight just begins. Our ranks are growing and our voice grows louder and louder with our numbers.

We thank you all for your ongoing support this Mother's Day, a day in which we celebrate the precious bond that no government, bureaucrat or activist can replace! We will fight tirelessly with each one of you to ensure the stripping of parental rights in Alberta is halted and reversed going forward!

We wish you all a beautiful Mother's Day!

Photo Albums from the Rallies on May 14, 2016

Photo Album from the McDougall Centre 
Photo Album from Edmonton Legislature

Watch Donna Trimble's speech