Two Actions for Parent Choice in Education you can take today!

Action #1

There is a committee review of the Child Youth and Advocate Act that is taking place that is deeply concerning as amendments to this act could have the potential to detrimentally affect the parent-child bond, the school-parent partnership, and the autonomy of families to care for their children independent of unnecessary government intervention.

Please take the time as a parent to respond to this survey and then share it!

Open up the sections of the guide (+) so you can read what is up for discussion, prior to responding.

Hit ctrl P and print your responses out before sending your input so you have proof of your responses in hard copy.

Below is the letter written by Donna Trimble- Executive Director for PCE- regarding this deeply concerning review:

To the Committee Reviewing the CYAA Legislative Office,

I am deeply concerned about the ramifications of this review of the Standing Committee on the Legislative Office, reviewing the Child and Youth Advocate Act.

Firstly, the questions in the online response form are leading (should more power be placed in the hands of government advocates-I paraphrase here) not neutral-ex.

Should the role of government advocates for vulnerable youth be amended in any way?

The ramifications of expansion of the role of government advocates in relation to vulnerable youth are grave. Expanding the responsibilities or powers of Government Advocates will have a detrimental effect on parental primacy as respects the care and education of their children, as well as the engagement and notification of parents when their children are at risk outside of the home, especially in school.

There should be no expansion of the role of government advocates.

Government advocates should never be placed when a child is legally under the guardianship of parent(s) or other adult(s) as these guardians must be recognised as the primary advocate under law.

When children have been placed in government care (ex. criminal justice system or social services) an appointed government advocate should have the same transparency that would be expected of parent(s) and legal guardian(s) if engaged in advocacy of children in the care of the government in cases before the courts.

Attached are my responses to the online consultation form, which the government site refuses to accept.

I also attach the PDF of the Discussion Guide on this matter.

Donna Trimble Executive Director Parents for Choice in Education

Child Youth Advocate Act Review:…/legislativeoffic…/CYAA/CYAA.html
Child Youth Advocate Act Survey:
Understanding the Child Youth Advocate Act

Action #2

Informed Albertans published an important article every parent and AB citizen should read entitled "Gay-Straight Aliiances: What you need to know":
Pastor Brian Coldwell has ignited a firestorm of controversy regarding his apparent unwillingness to follow legislation that enforces the provision of Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) onto every school in the province, including the two independent Christian schools he represents in the Edmonton area.
Why would Coldwell seem to defy the law and appear to risk endangering the safety of Alberta’s vulnerable youth by denying peer-support groups that are supposed to provide the assistance that students need – and legally deserve?...

... for more go to Informed Albertans 

To show your support for authentic educational choice, including the right of faith-based schools to operate according to their foundational beliefs without coercion from government via the stripping on funding sign the petition: HERE