Main Questions:


Question #1: Premier Kenney’s government was able to reduce the average per-student cost of education significantly . This budget implemented a model called the Weighted Moving Average (WMA). Unfortunately, the WMA penalizes growing schools – and limits choice . How would your administration balance the needs of different delivery models (such as public education and home education) to keep costs down,  while maximizing choice ?



Question #2: Premier Kenney’s government attempted a meaningful reform of curriculum by switching to a knowledge-based curriculum , starting with K-6 . The reform was hampered by mistakes in development and implementation, as well as opposition by the Alberta Teachers’ Association .  Do you agree with the idea of a knowledge-based curriculum, and what steps would you take towards making successful curriculum reforms?



Question #3: Do you support mandatory standardized testing in K-12 schools? If so, for which subjects, at what grade levels, and what style of testing? Would there be any exceptions?



Question #4: Classroom approaches to sexuality , gender , race , and religion are controversial. Should parents be made aware when their K-12 child will be provided with supports, presentations, or information regarding these issues, and are there any exceptions?  How will your administration ensure school staff respect the diverse perspectives of Alberta families?



Closing remarks to the main questions:



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