The NDP Needs to Distance Itself from the ATA-Calgary/Edmonton Sun Column

Little girl has a lot to study and asking for help.

Donna Trimble, Executive Director for Parents for Choice in Education has had a guest column published in the Calgary Sun and the Edmonton Sun on December 16, 2016, calling out the detrimental influence of the ATA on the Alberta Government.

PCE knows that many teachers are doing their best to help students and many work tirelessly to improve the lives of our kids. But good teachers also know they need to work in partnership with parents. They understand that kids flourish when parents and teachers work together in education. Unfortunately, the Alberta Teachers' Association doesn't share this value that we are better together.

We hope this column shares the concerns of parents, while also giving voice to the many educators and administrators that contact Parents for Choice in Education, who feel they cannot speak publicly.

Teachers, administrators and schools across Alberta are very concerned about the direction of education and the increasing pressure on teachers in the classroom, administrators and schools as a result of the public stance of the ATA and the detrimental influence the ATA  executive have on the government.

Calgary Sun Column: December 16, 2016; The NDP needs to distance itself from the ATA

*Also printed in the Edmonton Sun, Dec.16, 2016

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