The Federal Conservative Leadership Race and School Choice

Candidates with Supportive School Choice Policy

When we talk about parental authority and school choice issues, the focus is usually on the provincial level - however, we would like to encourage you to participate in the federal Conservative leadership race as well, as there are two candidates who have proposed strong policies which will help promote school choice across Canada.


Andrew Scheer and Brad Trost have both introduced the same policy on school choice - making independent school tuition tax-deductible up to $4000 and providing a $1000 tax credit for home schooling families to cover the cost of materials. These policies support choice and do not give the government more control. They are ideas that we can strongly get behind.

Pierre Lemieux, though he is not introducing policy,  has also made a strong statement in support of parent rights and parent choice in education in this video, where he states, "I firmly believe that parents are the first educators of their children...I will ensure that the Federal Government does not insert itself between parents and their children."

In order to participate in the leadership race, you need to buy a membership in the Conservative Party, at  before March 28th. (So, as soon as possible). After that, it's easy - you will be sent a mail-in ballot. The ballot gives you an opportunity to rank the candidates. You can then rank in top spot candidates who are supporting parental authority and school choice. Then, mail your ballot back with a photo-copy of your ID.

Please spread the word to your family and friends about this. This is a key opportunity to make a difference in this area. Memberships need to be purchased as soon as possible.

*If you are aware of other Federal Conservative Leadership Candidates that have policy in support school choice in Canada, please let Parents for Choice in Education know and we will add their names and related policy to this article.