Schoolkids exposed to graphic sexual content through Alberta GSA Network

Reckless Use of Taxpayer Money Endangering Alberta Students

Parents for Choice in Education is deeply concerned about graphic sexual content being readily accessible through “community support” offered to K-12 Alberta school children.  We ask, on behalf of concerned parents across Alberta, why is the Alberta government providing the funds for the development of the Alberta GSA Network without properly vetting the content that would be provided to K-12 students?

A video released yesterday by Theresa Ng, author of the blog Informed Albertans, demonstrates how in only a few clicks children are easily able to access articles with content that includes sexual acts and BDSM via links available on the Community Support section of the Alberta GSA Network website.

This raises concerns that children are gaining access to sexually graphic content at events where parents of children are not present, such as counselling clubs in Alberta schools. Student clubs from twenty schools across Alberta are currently registered with the Alberta GSA Network, organized by the Institute of Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS) at the University of Alberta.

Why is content of a sexually graphic nature being offered to 5 to17 year old Alberta students without the knowledge and consent of parents?

The content that has surfaced is not age appropriate and rather than increasing the safety of students in schools, this material is harmful and possibly criminal when exposed to young children.

I, Donna Trimble, Executive Director of PCE, have submitted a request for a full and formal police investigation in relation to concerns of contravention of sections 152 and 153 of the Criminal Code, which pertain to counselling minors on how to engage in sexual activity, including the touching of one’s own body or the body of another person for a sexual purpose.

Regardless of criminal intent, three questions must be asked. First, why did the Ministry of Education not more cautiously vet the iSMSS prior to providing government dollars? Second, how could iSMSS find the graphic nature of these community resources appropriate to offer to K-12 students? And, most importantly, how is it that Alberta students are being offered access to the Alberta GSA Network, and the sexually graphic material therein, without the explicit permission of the child’s parents?”

Parents for Choice in Education joins Theresa Ng, author of Informed Albertans, in requesting that all Government funding provided to iSMSS be suspended and that iSMSS no longer be entrusted with any influence in Alberta schools.

Parents for Choice in Education also asks the Alberta Government to strengthen the regulatory process in schools ensuring parents are informed and provide consent before their children access material of a sexual nature in school, during curricular and extracurricular activities.

Let the Government of Alberta know enough is enough! Parents need to know how their children are being counselled in schools, and the content they are being offered. Sign here: Parental Consent is Key Campaign.

Call your MLAs, trustees, the Education Minister David Eggen, and the Education Critic Leela Aheer.




Listen to Donna Trimble, Executive Director, Parents for Choice in Education, on Corus 770 with Danielle Smith (March 14, 2017, 11am)


Update from Theresa Ng, Informed Albertans

(March 14, 1 p.m.) In response to my blog article and this information becoming so public it seems the GSA Network website has now edited their list of community supports over the past hour. If you would like to verify the original list, please see the screen captures available in the GSA Network website supporting documentation (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT).

The fact remains that iSMSS did not properly vet their links and community supports, which only proves their lack of competence when it comes to being trusted with the safety of our K-12 children.

Links and content so inappropriate for K-12 kids should never have been there in the first place, especially under the guise of “support”. If I hadn’t happened to personally stumble across the content, it would still be there. Why is it up to citizens to vet these government funded and recommended resources? Shouldn’t the Alberta government be hiring people who can do their job without volunteer citizens having to do it for them?

Removing a few links does not solve the problem. iSMSS and Dr. Wells have severely violated the public trust and should not be in a position of influence in our K-12 education system at all.  Alberta children deserve better.