Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities Speak Out about School Choice

Liberal MLA Kent Hehr recently put forward a motion calling for an end to public funding for independent schools. We strongly oppose this motion, because it take an important element of school choice away from middle and low-income families, and creates an environment in which only the wealthy can afford to send their children to independent schools.

In response to this motion, parents of children with disabilities are speaking out about the importance of the options that independent schools make available to them. Public schools may not be able to accommodate a full range of learning needs, but independent schools can. You can read a CBC story about it here.

Darren Deitz, one independent school parent, said the following about his son's experience in an independent school: "His self esteem has grown a thousand per cent. His marks this year are unbelievable and he loves coming to the school... a very smart kid. He just learns differently and he benefits from this school. The class sizes are smaller. They teach differently. They use different methods and it just clicks for him."

We need to stop the Liberals' attempt to gradually impose one-size-fits-all education on Alberta students.