Parents Need to Know: A can't miss INSIGHT interview!

What parents don’t know CAN hurt. Learn more about changes in Alberta schools!

(Interview is titled: "Gender Guidelines Debate" on Miracle Channel's INSIGHT)
Upset problem child sitting on play park playground bench concept for bullying, depression, child protection or loneliness
Did you know…

- Certain school board policies specifically direct school staff to withhold sensitive information from parents regarding their child’s distress related to sexuality and gender, with no age restrictions?

- K-12 student-led peer support groups, which can legally bypass the authority of parents, teachers and principals, are now being encouraged to access information and resources from the new Alberta GSA Network website, including a definitions page directing children to a TESR resource that explains how terms such as “biological male/female” are “defamatory and inaccurate” and that sexuality and gender can be understood through the Gender Unicorn?

- While the School Act section 50.1 still allows parents to opt-out of sexual education, the repealing of section 11.1 of the Alberta Human Rights Act removed “sexual orientation” from this opt-out provision? In fact, did you know some school districts are now directing staff to embed gender minority topics across the curriculum and promote them on a regular basis, with no age restrictions or parental consent required?

Please watch this informative interview with Donna Trimble, Executive Director of Parents for Choice in Education, and Theresa Ng, former teacher and author of Informed Albertans in order to learn more about these very important issues in Alberta schools.

Thank you to the Miracle Channel and Paul Arthur from INSIGHT for providing this opportunity to increase awareness.

Links to Documents Referenced by Donna and Theresa in the TV Interview:

- Alberta Education Guide to Education - section on "Controversial Issues" page 82

- Calgary Board of Education Guidelines for Attending to Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sexual Orientation in our Schools - section on "Privacy and Confidentiality" on page 5-39 and section on "Inclusive Education" page 5-48

- Global News, Sept. 19th, 2016: Alberta school refusing to adhere to GSA policy could be deregistered, face funding withdrawal

- 2015 Trans Youth Health Survey

- Alberta GSA Network

- Alberta Human Rights Act

- School Act

- Parental Consent is Key Campaign