Parental Rights in Education, Regarding Issues of Sexual Identity - An Essential Presentation

Over the past few years, Alberta’s education laws and policies have eroded parental involvement in their children’s education.

In this essential presentation, John Carpay, president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) explains your rights as guardians and parents, gives a small history of how we find ourselves where we are today and provides information on the actions we can take defend our rightful role as the caregivers and educators for our children.

At the end of this presentation John Carpay challenges us to persevere, reminding each one of us that,  "Quitters never win, winners never quit."  

Watch John Carpay's informative presentation below:

Important Steps You Can Take

1. Know your rights and fight for them. Read Protecting Children, Protecting Families: The legal rights of parents to be fully informed on all matters regarding their children’s education, published by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

2.‘Parental Consent is Key’ – Please sign the online open letter and demand a regulatory process for the consent and notification of parents in school when sensitive materials and counselling are offered to your children.

3. PARENT REQUEST FOR NOTIFICATION – Print and deliver to your child’s school.

4. PETITION Sign the petition which asks one simple question related to the secrecy surrounding Alberta’s curriculum re-write:

To the Minister of Education David Eggen:

Will you assure Alberta parents and taxpayers that iSMSS, along with any associated staff and Directors, are no longer involved in any capacity with the K-12 curriculum re-write or the provision of resources, research or teacher training that is being funded by the Alberta government?

5. Help Theresa Ng, author of Informed Albertans, help you! Write a letter in the care of Theresa Ng, asking that Minister Eggen sever all ties with iSMSS. This organisation has broken the public trust and should have no further access, input or consultation in Alberta’s K-12 schools. Theresa Ng will ensure these letters CANNOT be ignored. For more go HERE.

6. DONATE – In the absence of responsible media willing to spread this important story, we need to be our own clarion call. Please donate to allow PCE to purchase advertising space on billboards, radio and TV to inform parents of the risks their children face in Alberta schools through current policies, legislation and resources.