Parental Choice at Risk with Bill 202

November 26, 2014
A private member's bill:  Bill 202 has been tabled in the Alberta Legislature, and should this bill pass, it would severely limit parental freedoms and choice in areas of school programming, school clubs and organizations, and very importantly, parental decisions for their children.
Components of Bill 202
Mandate Thought: Change the Diversity and respect clause of the Education Act
Bill 202 uses its preamble statements to define the common values and beliefs of Albertans as being equivalent to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Alberta Human Rights Act set out the common values and beliefs of Albertans. Does Alberta law now tell Albertans what they must believe?  This is not a promotion of diversity and respect, but instead is the exact opposite; a totalitarian law which would mandates ideology.
The wording changed in the proposed  legal component of Bill 202 would be:

 Diversity and respect

16(1) All courses or programs of study and instructional materials

used in a school must reflect the diverse nature and heritage of

society in Alberta, promote understanding and respect for others

and honour and respect (current) the common values and beliefs of Albertans 

(under Bill 202) The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Alberta Human Rights Act Impose Club in Schools:  Mandating Gay Straight Alliances for every Albertan School
Under Bill 202, all Alberta school boards would be forced to allow one type of club in all schools.  The name Gay Straight Alliance must be used if chosen by the students.  There are no exemptions so this would apply to elementary schools, Muslim schools,  Jewish schools, Christian schools... ALL schools.
Previous Debate
These issues have been debated at length in previous legislative sessions and voted against.  Bill 202 proposes to take all issues and have them passed as one.
Bill 202 is a private members bill proposed by a Liberal MLA, thus the debate time and legislative procedures are not the same as government bills.  The alloted time for proposed amendments and debate is significantly limited.  The earliest this bill could receive final vote in the legislature is December 8, 2014.
Call Your MLA Now
Please call your MLA to voice your concern and opposition to this bill.
This bill is an affront to parental choice
To find your MLA and their contact information:
Laurie Blakeman (Bill sponsor) (780) 427-2292
Premier Prentice:  (780) 427-2251
Education Minister Dirks: 780-427-5010