November in review: Setting the record straight & looming survey deadline

Attacks on education choice: Setting the record straight

Those who call themselves “public education advocates” are (once again) targeting education choice, building public hysteria based on ridiculous misrepresentations.

To blame private/independent schools as the culprit for any public-school financial challenges ignores the reality that these education choices actually ease the financial burden on the public purse, as well as reduce the strain on resources within government-run schools.

To learn more about key facts ignored by opponents of education choice, we encourage you to check out PCE’s new “Facts on Funding” page or the “Private Schools serve the Public Good” video produced by the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta.

Also, as written in a Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) column "Public schools need to get their own system in order", published by the Calgary Herald in February 2018:

“As tempting as it may be, Albertans must resist the ploy of envy politics. It is a fool’s errand to try to improve one student’s education by stripping another student of theirs.

Defunding independent schools will do nothing to correct the budget issues persisting in public schools, nor solve the challenges endemic to schools in lower income neighbourhoods.

The solution for SOS and others concerned about the state of public education in Alberta is to stop hyper-focusing on stripping the dollars provided to their neighbours in the independent schools.

Instead, it is time for public school boards to ask themselves the difficult questions of how to better manage their own massive per student subsidies to ensure no student is left behind.” [READ MORE]

In light of this renewed attempt to misrepresent education choice in the public sphere, we encourage you to share these resources with others in order to help increase awareness of the benefits of education choice.


Time-sensitive #GivingTuesday opportunity: Special matching gift!

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Deadline fast approaching: Alberta Education wants to hear from you!

The Alberta government has begun the process of developing the promised Choice in Education Act by releasing an important survey for citizens to have their voices heard.

The deadline for submissions is December 6th and we urge you to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to provide input on this new legislation.

For those seeking additional ideas for their responses, please see PCE's blog article "Alberta Education wants to hear from you!", where you will find survey information and several key ideas to draw from.



PCE working hard to equip citizens with an understanding of education choice

What is education choice? Is it simply ensuring that different education settings are available? Or, is it more than that?

Learn more about the key components and benefits of authentic education choice, as well as the areas which strengthen or hinder education choice from our newly released page "What is Education Choice?"

Also, we want to thank each person who has invested time this past month to attend PCE presentations and visit our booths at events across the province, in Westaskiwin, Lethbridge, Red Deer and Calgary - we appreciated the opportunity to have important conversations and equip more citizens with a deeper understanding of education choice in Alberta!   

If you are interested in inviting PCE to present in your community, please contact PCE’s Executive Director Donna Trimble at [email protected] to learn more about the topics we offer.




Included below are a couple of recently published media interviews and articles, related to our advocacy toward an excellent, quality-oriented, choice-driven education system which recognizes parental authority.


RADIO INTERVIEW: Study finds school choice in Alberta saves money and improves outcomes Global News Radio, Rob Breakenridge, 2019.10.02


Smith: Indoctrination in Alberta's classrooms must stop Calgary Herald, 2019.11.29


JOHNSTON: UCP grassroots at odds with teachers and their own MLAs on school choice  Western Standard, 2019. 12.01



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