More Ontario Madness - Toronto School Board Paints Communism in a Positive Light

We at PCE focus our efforts here in Alberta; however, we also think it is important to follow development in education in other provinces. What happens in other places can quickly be brought to Alberta, as supporters of one-size-fits-all education adopt the tactics which have worked elsewhere. We in Alberta must be continually vigilant.
Sun News Network recently reported that the Toronto District School Board has put out a guide for teaching about communism - a guide which portrays communism in a relatively positive light. This revisionist history blames poverty on consumerism, and argues that the association between communism and authoritarianism is something like an accident of history. You can see Ezra Levant's take on this here.

This kind of portrayal of history does not reflect the established consensus - that communism is a philosophy that emphasizes central planning, and therefore seeks to rob individuals of their economic, political, and civil freedom. Those who want to teach about the supposed 'positives' of communism should only be able to do so in a clearly defined alternative program, in which parents have advance notice of the kind of perspectives their children will be hearing.