Inspiring Education Summary Documents

Dr.Nhung Trans-Davies has been kind enough to offer PCE four 'Inspiring Education' Summary documents that quickly encapsulate the issues that exist within the 'Inspiring Education' curriculum.

PCE partners may wish to use these 5 second, 1 minute, 5 minute, or 7 minute summary sheets for personal elucidation and/ or when advocating against 'Inspiring Education' in the community.

PCE is asking that the Alberta Government and  Alberta Education stop wasting limited education dollars on this ill-conceived and unproven reworking of Alberta curriculum, which is due for full implementation in 2016.

To sign the on-line petition against 'Inspiring Education' go here.

You may also be interested in assisting with the compilation of an 'Inspiring Education' paper petition. For more on this go here.

Summaries of 'Inspiring Education':

5 Second: IE 5 sec summary
1 Minute: IE 1 min summary
5 Minute: IE 5 min summary
7 Minute: IE 7 min summary