Implementing Alberta's new Education Act - The Regulations

          Alberta passed a new education act last fall. The debate around the education act was a central focus for us and for other organizations concerned about parental authority and school choice. We were very please that, unlike with an earlier version of the act proposed in the spring, this new act recognized the role of parents as the primary educators of their children.

The next step, before the new act can be implemented, is to introduce a series of regulation which will guide the actual application of the new act. It is important that we all continue to lobby the government about what should be in these new regulations. The government was responsive to parents the last time around and made changes to the act, but we need to keep the pressure up to make sure parental authority and school choice are emphasized in the regulations as well.

There is a consultation process associated with the new regulations.

Here is a news release provided by the government which details the process. We encourage you to sign up to be a part of the consultation process. By providing your email address to the government through this portal, you can ensure you will be kept up do date about the consultation process and any opportunities for you and others to participate.

Of course, a great way to also stay up to date is to be a member of PCE, and check out our website regularly!