Happy New Year to all of you: PCE Grassroots Supporters!

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Happy New Year to all of you in our grassroots, who are the foundation of Parents for Choice in Education's strength, and the reason for our purpose.

The battles we face in Alberta are great, as we fight for excellence in education, through maximum parental choice. So as we move forward into 2017, we remind you of our mission and our principles HERE.

Consider engaging in our open letter campaign as we continue this work, fighting for the return of parents to their rightful and essential position as the primary educators and caregivers of their precious children HERE.

If you are new to this mission, and previously unaware Alberta law has removed your parental rights, consider exploring our blog where you will find rich information on all the issues as well as recent events HERE.

Articles and important papers for deeper study can be found at the top of the page under ARTICLES. Our most recent column was published in the Calgary and Edmonton Sun on December 16, 2016. Find the PDF HERE and link HERE.

Thank you Tomas Rochford, for congratulating PCE for our work in 2016! It was a wonderful letter to the editor to read on the first day of 2017!


How pleasant it was to read Donna Trimble’s guest column about the need for the government and educational establishment to distance itself from the radical ideologues currently running the Alberta Teachers Association. As an educator and a parent, it is good to see a public voice advocating the return to reason and authentic diversity in the province’s school system. The elites of the ATA and other educrats seem to have forgotten that their role is one of service, aiding families in the education of their children and benefiting the common good of this wonderful province. Schooling is not a convenient excuse for social engineering according to whatever happens to be the popular “progressive” ideology that year. The sooner they are reminded of this, the better. Also, kudos to Ms. Trimble for noting that the leaders of the ATA, regardless of their claims, certainly do not speak for all teachers on these matters. I wish Trimble’s organization the very best in their work to make Alberta’s education system more pro-family, pro-parent, and pro-choice; they are certainly speaking “truth to power!”

Tomas Rochford

(Caring parents should not be shut out of the process.)"

To see this letter online at the Calgary Sun go HERE.

We thank each and every one of our supporters. We stand as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and concerned educators and citizens with each and every parent in Alberta as we move into 2017 ready to continue to fight for the law in Alberta to be amended to ENSURE THAT PARENTS ARE THE FIRST POINT OF CONTACT FOR THEIR CHILDREN.

Parents know and love their children, understanding their needs far better than any distant government, politician, bureaucrat or special interest group. We must protect the children of Alberta. The only way to do this is to return the primary care of children to their parents, and allow educators and schools to partner with parents as parents guide their children's educational journeys. Parental Consent is Key!

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