Grant Persecuted Home Educators Asylum

Parents have a fundamental right to raise their children in a way that reflects their values. Parents are responsible for the education of their children – they can delegate that responsibility to others, but it should not be taken from them against their will.

For a state to forcibly deny parents the right to educate their children in a way that is consistent with their values is a serious abuse of the fundamental rights of that family. The basis for this denial of parental authority is often discrimination – discrimination on the basis that the family has religious or political values that are different from what is typically taught in public schools.

It is with this in mind that we should consider the case of a German family seeking asylum in the United States on the basis that Germany’s ban on home schooling discriminates against them. (Read the story here.). Germany does not allow home education, but thus far American authorities have not been willing to grant their request for asylum. Despite calls by members of Congress to intervene, the Department of Justice has yet to do so.

Perhaps we should offer this family asylum in Canada. Because the ban on home schooling in Germany is rooted in discrimination, and because it denies the fundamental role of parents as the primary education decision maker for their children, families wishing to home school their children should be welcomed here with open arms. All of the available data suggests that they and their children will be good citizens, constructively contributing to the new societies where they come to live.