2021 East Central Catholic Schools Trustee Election: Get to Know your Candidates



Determine if you live within this School Division Boundary by using these maps: Map 1 and Map 2

If you live outside of these boundaries, visit our Trustee Elections 2021 main page to access information for the other school jurisdiction areas in Alberta that we have prepared guides for.


Candidates for your area are listed below (by ward), alphabetically by last name.

Note: Our team has worked hard to gather as much publicly available information as we could find so far. If you know of additional candidate information not yet listed, or notice any errors, please email [email protected]


All candidates were acclaimed.



This year offers a tremendous opportunity to impact Alberta’s education landscape!  

As explained on PCE’s 2021 Trustee Election main page, this year offers a tremendous opportunity to impact Alberta’s education landscape!

Beyond just casting an informed vote, there are many other important ways you can become more involved and engaged in this October 18th election.



Email or call your candidates with your questions and concerns. 

Please be aware that all candidates listed above, with publicly available contact information, received our PCE Questionnaire with a request to provide responses by October 1st, 2021. Feel free to contact the candidates in your area and encourage them to respond to the PCE questionnaire. Candidates who hear from their own constituents that this questionnaire is important will be more likely to provide a response.

To learn which candidates provided public responses, sign up on the PCE homepage and keep an eye on your inbox in early October when the results will be published.



As you learn about the candidates, you may want to lend extra support to one of them, even if they are not in the same specific area or ward as where you live. If so, we encourage you to send them an email and let them know you want to help them with their campaign. Even 1-2 hours of your time before the Oct 18th election can make a tremendous difference as to which candidates will sit on the future board of trustees in your district.

You can also strengthen their campaign with financial donations.  Even $20-$50 makes a difference! Look on their website for a DONATE button or send them an email to offer your financial support. *Note: PCE has not, and will not, provide any financial support to any electoral campaign or candidate.



Send out the link to our 2021 School Board Trustee Election main page to your friends and tell them the importance of getting to know the school trustee candidates for their local area and voting wisely on October 18th!


You can access the School Division's Election page here.