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As a non-profit organization, Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) depends entirely on the voluntary donations of parents and other concerned citizens to carry out its mission of advocating for excellence in education through maximum parental choice. PCE is strictly non-partisan, and strives to work effectively with MLAs and supporters of all parties. Because PCE advocates for parental rights in education, and actively communicates with MLAs and other stakeholders, PCE is not a registered charity and is not able to issue official tax receipts.

We still welcome donations by cheque, made payable to "Parents for Choice in Education", which may be sent to:

Donna Trimble
Executive Director
Parents for Choice in Education
PO Box 69032 Bridlewood
Calgary, AB T2Y 4T9


Privacy Protection

Every transaction involving the handling of personal data will be protected by Parents for Choice in Education and will not be shared with any second party without express permission.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or simply require more information.