Discovery Math and the Inspiring Education Connection

Early in 2014, the Discovery Math curriculum was brought into question. In a new petition created by Dr. Nhung Tran-Davies, it is suggested that Inspiring Education is the root of the problems. The concerning techniques used in Discovery Math have been identified as also being used in other subject areas.

December 2014 Inspiring Education Petition

PCE is concerned about preserving parental choice and authority in Education. There are parents in Alberta who are concerned about particular aspects of our education system and curriculum, like the currently debated Discovery Math curriculum, which has been tried and abandoned in other provinces already. There are several studies and PISA results that show Discovery Math to be failing students, despite this evidence, the Province of Alberta is moving ahead with their curriculum plans.

Further opinion pieces have been written regarding the “new math” debacle, part of Inspiring Education and new curriculum, set to be implemented in 2015/2016; which can be found here.

A petition was started by Alberta mother and family physician, Dr. Nhung Tran-Davies, in response to Discovery Math being taught in Alberta schools. March 2014 Discovery Math Petition

Though some views and commentary at the above provided links may not align directly with the perspectives, views & opinions of Parents for Choice in Education, we feel strongly about encouraging all parents to stand for retaining choice & authority in the educational decisions of their children.