Contact your Federal MP regarding proposed transgender legislation

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I have written my local MP and cc'd Rona Ambrose, interim leader for the Federal Conservative  with deep concern about the legislation the Liberal Party is proposing for the Transgender.

As Executive Director for Parents for Choice in Education I remind you that our organization is not opposed to accommodations for minorities. These should and are in place for transgendered individuals across the country. But if this legislation strips the constitutional rights of one population to accommodate another it cannot and should not pass.

If this legislation strips the rights of parents as primary educators, religious freedom, freedom of association, or the conscience rights of private institutions then it cannot pass.

Please ask your local MP to explore our website for more about the battle we face in Alberta to return parents to their rightful position as the primary educators to their children, which is being stripped in policy development in many school boards across the province – Rally to Protect Alberta Children.

In the province of Alberta parents will no longer be informed of the needs of their children in school around counselling or attendance to Gay Straight Alliances without the express permission of the child. In fact, the Guidelines for Best Practices coerce schools to not inform any second set of eyes (for the protection of truly endangered children) including social services (which until now they have been obliged to do).

This creates a vacuum where children can be counselled in isolation of any second, neutral body, to ensure their safety. This creates an unsafe environment in schools in Alberta.
Also, while PCE has no opinion on GSAs in schools in general, there must be school autonomy allowing school administrators and educators to work with students to ensure all clubs and activities there-in are in cohesion with the foundational culture of the school and wishes of parents, while also providing the support all students need.

Please ask your MP to research this legislation thoroughly, and ensure that fundamental freedoms will not be stripped by its passage.

Donna Trimble
Executive Director
Parents for Choice in Education
Bridlewood Constituent

AB Education Guidelines:
  NB: Page 6: “protect a student’s personal information and privacy, including, where possible, having a student’s explicit permission before disclosing information related to the student’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression to peers, parents, guardians or other adults in their lives.
Wherever possible, before contacting the parents or other adults involved in the care (such as social workers or caregivers) of a student who is trans or gender-diverse, consult with the student to determine an appropriate way to reference the student’s gender identity, gender expression, name and related pronouns.”
Contact your MP in Parliament and inform them of your concerns with Liberal Legislative proposals for the Transgender.