Health & Sexual Education


Parents for Choice in Education advocates for the right of parents to be fully informed about the content being provided to their children in K-12 classrooms, as well as the continued protection of parents' legal authority to be notified and opt their children out of "courses, programs of study or instructional materials, or instruction or exercises, [which] include subject-matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion or human sexuality". (Education Act, section 58.1) 

Unfortunately, many parents incorrectly assume that the content and materials being provided to their children on the topic of health and sexual education are similar to the materials they may have received when they went to school. They are often alarmed to learn about specific content being offered to K-12 students in Alberta, as well as the external organizations who are increasingly accessing students in school without parental awareness.


Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE)

There are growing concerns among parents regarding the move toward more "Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE)" in Alberta's K-12 classrooms and worldwide - specifically that this form of sexual education is not age appropriate and over-informs with explicit material, while simultaneously withholding other important information that is critical for the health and safety of children and youth. Many parents are worried that this form of sexual education endangers the health of children physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

We encourage parents to become familiar with what is meant by comprehensive sexual education and the types of materials and resources often included in CSE-based approaches to sexual education, which often include an emphasis on 1) consent; 2) pleasure; and 3) gender ideology.

The following resources offer important information to equip parents with an understanding of CSE approaches to sexual education.

(WARNING: Sensitive subject matter. Please do not watch these videos around children.)

  • Video: The War on Children (worldwide)


  • Video: Dr. Miriam Grossman, medical doctor, clinical child psychologist and counsellor speaking about CSE from a medical perspective (Ontario). 


  • Video: Dr. Miriam Grossman: an overview of her book,”You’re Teaching My Child WHAT?