Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

If you have not seen the videos below, please take the time to watch. This CSE is already in Ontario schools and Alberta is getting a sex education revamp as we speak, as part of country-wide/province-by-province changes made to the way schools are approaching what they call “sexual health” curriculum. Please, get informed. We must not allow the sexualization of our young children. They deserve to have their innocence protected! This is not sex ed as we know it. CSE is, in essence, a push for 3 things: 1) consent; 2) pleasure; and 3) gender ideology.

This form of sexual education is not age appropriate and over-informs with explicit material, while simultaneously withholding other important information that is critical for the health and safety of children and youth. Children are not miniature adults and sexual freedom in exchange for sexual health is unacceptable. This form of sexual education curriculum endangers the health of every child physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

PCE on the Alberta Sexual Education re-write: The Next Battle On the Horizon
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October 12, 2016 – Informed Albertans
Beware The Trojan Horse Advancing Into Alberta Schools

WARNING: Sensitive subject matter. Please do not watch these videos around children. 

THE WAR ON CHILDREN: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda 


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Dr. Miriam Grossman, medical doctor, clinical child psychologist and counsellor speaking about Ontario’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education from a medical perspective.

More from Dr. Miriam Grossman: an overview of her book,”You’re Teaching My Child WHAT?