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On March 13, 2017 Theresa Ng, author of the blog Informed Albertans, broke the story that the taxpayer funded Alberta GSA Network, organized by the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS) and recommended by Alberta Education, has allowed Alberta students as young as 5 years of age to access sexually graphic material for months through various “Community Support” links.

Parents for Choice in Education distributed a News Release on March 14, 2017 at 5 a.m. to media outlets both provincially and nationally, alerting them to this information. This news release was opened by well over 100 media contacts, including those from:

CTV / Bell Media
Calgary Herald
Edmonton Journal
Red Deer Advocate
Metro – Edmonton & Calgary
630 CHED
iNews 880
National Post
News Talk 770
ARPA-Lighthouse News
Miracle Network's Insight  
The Rebel

Our question is: Why did only 6 from well over one hundred media contacts decide to actually cover this important story? 

We didn't necessarily expect balanced coverage, but we did expect that this story would be covered. The fact that there has been near silence seems to demonstrate that many in the media are more concerned about maintaining good relationships with the NDP Alberta Government, iSMSS, and the University of Alberta than they are about the safety of Alberta children as young as 5, in Alberta schools.

27% of the links offered as 'community supports' on the Alberta GSA Network website have been removed. This was not a mere oversight on the part of the iSMSS!

To add salt to the wound for parents, in the evening of March 14, 2017, after many of the links were removed, the Director of iSMSS shared on Twitter that one of the most inappropriate support Facebook pages that had been removed, Fruit Loop, donated $1000 to the Alberta GSA Network.

Rather than apologise for the lack of oversight that allowed 5-17 year-old students access to sexually graphic material for months, this director labelled the parents that did his job for him 'hate' and iSMSS has yet to sever ties with sites that offer sexually graphic material online.

iSMSS has lost the public trust and should have no further influence on K-12 curriculum, resources or services!

Do you think this story is of public interest? We at PCE do!  We believe that all parents should be informed when the safety of their children is at stake!

It seems many in the main stream media can no longer be trusted to be a source of important information to the general public. In fact, we have to wonder:  by turning a blind eye to this critically important news does it mean many in the media care more to protect the Alberta government and iSMSS than Alberta children?

We must be our own clarion call. Parents for Choice in Education wants to invest in advertising across print, billboard, radio and even TV, but we cannot do this alone.

Please invest in Alberta children

CLICK HERE to donate, and help Parents for Choice in Education to inform parents across Alberta, many of whom still remain unaware, that the safety of children in Alberta schools is at stake.

Help us inform parents that they are no longer included in schools as the primary educator and caregiver, and how policies, legislation, and now resources, circumvent parents when it comes to the struggles of their children and the accessing of counselling and clubs in schools.

Below is an example of the animations and advertising we have done in the past – more of which we want to produce and spread as far and wide as possible.

WE DO THIS IMPORTANT WORK FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL CHILDREN, at a time when few in government, or in the media can be trusted to share this important information with Alberta families.

Every amount helps.

On behalf of children and families across Alberta, thank you for your support!!

This animation advertises our 'Parental Choice is Key' open letter:

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