Celebrate Choice in Education: Share your story!


Let's showcase the heart of education choice in Alberta! 

Share your story and be entered into a draw for a special family meal out!



Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) invites you to submit short videos, to a maximum of 90 seconds in length, celebrating choice in education!

This is an opportunity for you to share the benefits of education choice you’ve experienced and why education choice matters to you.

These videos may be shared publicly by PCE in order to expand public awareness of education choices available in our province and how these choices are successfully meeting the needs of Alberta students.



Anyone who lives in Alberta and wants to share why choice in education matters to you!

You may be a student, parent, teacher, administrator, grandparent or entire family who wants to share how education choice has benefited you.

Or, you may be someone who has witnessed the benefits of education choice for children and families in your life and want to share (and celebrate!) the difference you have noticed.



  • Step 1: Film your video!
  • Step 2: Complete the video release form and send to PCE's Communications Director Theresa Ng at [email protected] 
  • Step 3: Share your video with us, using any of the following options:

    • Upload to Google Drive and share your file with [email protected]
    • Upload to Dropbox and share your file with [email protected]
    • *Note: the email above is only intended for sharing video files for this video contest. All other inquiries or communications for any other purpose should be directed to PCE’s Executive Director, Donna Trimble at [email protected]
    • *Note: If you choose to use any copyrighted music, images or other materials in your video then you will need to obtain any necessary permissions, consents, licenses, or other approvals of third parties before submitting to PCE.



Submissions will be accepted until Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 11:59 PM MST.


Be entered into a draw for a special meal out with your family!

In appreciation for sharing your story, all completed video submissions received before the deadline will be entered into a random draw for a $100 gift certificate to an Alberta restaurant of your choice! 

The draw will take place on Monday, February 24th and the recipient will be notified by phone and/or email, according to the information provided in the video release form.



Education choice deserves to be celebrated!

At its heart, education choice is truly focused on the success of the student - ensuring each child has access to an education setting that best fits their unique and diverse learning needs, whether that is:

  • a neighborhood public school
  • a separate (Catholic) school
  • an alternative program within a public/separate school division with a specialized focus (i.e. language, sports, arts, faith, academic, behaviour)
  • a Francophone school
  • a charter school with a unique emphasis and pedagogical approach
  • a private school
  • home education
  • online/distance learning

The reason such a variety of education choices exist is to meet the wide range of diverse needs of Alberta children and families.

Let’s work together to showcase the heart of education choice in Alberta, spreading public awareness of the range of education choice options available in our province and how these choices are successfully meeting the needs of Alberta students!