Catholic Trustees Raise Awareness with "Faith in our Future" Campaign

The Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association has launched a new campaign to raise awareness about the value of a distinct Catholic school system. The right for Catholics to have a separate education system which reflects Catholic values is protected in Canada's constitution, and has proven to work very well in the provinces where it still exists. In Ontario, there is growing concern that the Liberal government may be seeking to undermine the distinctiveness of Catholic education, and that is why Catholic trustees are working hard to get the message out about the importance of a distinct Catholic system. You can find the website for the Ontario campaign here.
Our organization believes that school choice is a right that should be available to all parents. The efforts of organizations who stand up for Catholic education go a long way to advancing the principle that school choice works and respects the rights of parents.
Like Ontario, Alberta has an organization which represents Catholic school trustees and advocates for Catholic education. They do great work advancing one facet of school choice in this province. You can view their website here.
Finally, Catholic trustees in Ontario recently organized a youtube video contest around the importance of Catholic education. Have a look at the first place, second place, and third place entry.