Catch up on PCE News : ATA Detrimental to Education Choice

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ATA Influence on AB Government detrimental to Education Choice in AB 

PCE knows that many teachers are doing their best to help students and many work tirelessly to improve the lives of our kids. But good teachers also know they need to work in partnership with parents. They understand that kids flourish when parents and teachers work together in education. Unfortunately, the Alberta Teachers’ Association doesn’t share this value that we are better together. For more and to read PCE Executive Director Donna Trimble’s Sun Column GO HERE.

Group of Multiethnic Diverse Hands Raised Concept

 ATA labels concerned citizens as ‘fearmongers’

Why is the ATA partnered with Alberta Education in the 6-year curriculum rewrite? How can parents feel their children are safe in schools when the teachers’ union supporting body seems to feel entitled to act like one of the largest ‘bullies’ in the education landscape today? Who is the ATA accountable to for their actions, that undermine public confidence in our education system? For more GO HERE


Which AB Politicians are taking a stand? 

From exposing government secrecy, defending home education and criticizing the imposition of the purple unicorn perspective on students, thank you to these three politicians who helped focus public attention on important educational issues over the past few weeks. For more GO HERE.

*Permission granted by Theresa Ng; Informed Albertans


Progressive Conservative Candidate Survey 

PCE work includes reaching out during election campaigns in order to share candidacy perspectives on choice in education, and do so in a balanced and non-partisan manner. As many of you are aware, Alberta’s Progressive Conservative (PC) party will be selecting a new leader at a convention on March 18th, 2017.There are four candidates who are currently campaigning in the PC leadership race. Parents for Choice in Education (PCE)  invited each candidate to provide answers to a PCE survey on critical education issues. For outcomes GO HERE

Remember to engage in the 'Parental Consent is Key' open letter campaign here.

Finally, we thank the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta (AISCA) for allowing us to share their excellent video on funding and independent education. They can be found at