ASBA Defeats Sexual Orientation Motion

Earlier, we brought your attention to a motion which was to be debate by the Alberta School Boards Association regarding sexual orientation. The motion called for specific policies at the school board level dealing with "a pervasive school-wide culture of homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism".

We support efforts to combat bullying of all individuals, but felt that this particular motion did not contain the appropriate safeguards to ensure that faith-based schools and programs would be able to continue to teach their teachings.

We encouraged you to contact your trustees about this issue, and many of you did. Perhaps as a result, the motion was defeated. We commend the Alberta School Boards Association for carefully considering this issue, and for recognizing the need to have anti-bullying policies that focus on and protect all students. And we commend you, our members and supporters, for communicating to your representatives about this issue.

A motion about full day kindergarten was also discussed. That motion was substantially amended and then partially passed. We will post the final wording as soon as we are able to obtain it.