Alberta Government Introduces New Education Act

Today, the government of Alberta introduced a new Education Act. The Act is substantially different from the Act introduced this spring. We are currently reviewing the act to determine if it contains any provisions which enhance or detract from school choice. The bill is 212 pages. You can read it or search it here.

The press release around the bill, available here, strikes the right notes.

According to the release: “The Education Act is actually the first legislation in Canada to formally recognize the role of parents as a child's first and most important teacher,” said Johnson. “As a parent, that is something I am very proud of.”

The legislation will allow for more local decision-making by giving school boards more flexibility, while reinforcing their obligation to work closely with communities and post-secondary institutions. The bill continues to ensure parents have choice about the kind of educational environment that is right for their child, whether it is public, separate, Francophone, private, charter or home education.