Beginning a new chapter in Alberta's education system with a UCP majority government



Premier-elect Jason Kenney acknowledged in his victory speech that Albertans want their common sense values reflected in their government, including respect for Alberta’s tradition of school choice because “parents know better than politicians what’s best for their kids.”   

We thank each one of you, our supporters, for your investment of time, effort and resources toward the restoration of family and freedom in the province of Alberta.

It is an engaged electorate that creates strong and free societies. Therefore, PCE celebrates the impressive voter turnout for Alberta Election 2019, with preliminary results showing "about 70 per cent of eligible voters went to the polls, well above the roughly 57 per cent in 2015. ”

The role of citizens in a healthy, well-functioning democracy is critically important and we invite you to begin building relationships with your newly elected representatives.

In addition, let's familiarize ourselves with the education platform of the UCP in order to keep them accountable to their promises.

Remember: It is up to us to be proactive, present and persistent in order to keep our government of the day - whoever they are - in check.

Today is the first day of the next chapter of education in Alberta.

Let’s continue working together to ensure an excellent, quality-oriented, choice-driven education system which recognizes parental authority.

*For up-to-date election results, visit CBC’s interactive map or the Elections Alberta website.