2021 Trustee Elections: Learn how to make an impact!


This year offers a tremendous opportunity to impact Alberta’s education landscape!

Every four years, during municipal elections, citizens elect school trustees to govern each of Alberta's 62 public, separate (Catholic) and Francophone school divisions. The next election is happening this year on October 18, 2021.

School board trustees have many responsibilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Establishing the mission, vision, values for the school division
  • Setting policy, goals and budgets
  • Advocating for local program and facility needs.
  • Hiring the superintendent who carries out the operational duties of the board.

Trustees can also have a significant impact on parental choice in education, both within their own school division and beyond.

For example, trustees make decisions about which programs have the capacity to grow (or not) within their own division. They can also advance policies in the public sphere impacting students beyond their division, such as advocating for funding cuts to private/independent schools, or that Catholic education be offered as an “alternative program” through public schools, instead of as a separate school system.


Help elect trustees who respect and value parental choice in education!

PCE is offering webinars and additional opportunities to help equip supporters of parental choice in education with information on how they can become:

  • effective candidates
  • effective volunteers
  • informed voters

To receive emails about upcoming webinars, resources and opportunities related to trustee elections, please sign up through PCE's online questionnaire.

For all supporters of parental choice in education who want to make an impact on Alberta's education landscape, this is a great time to get involved!  

Remember: All of us have children in our lives who we care about - whether our own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or children in our communities - and therefore all of us have an interest to ensure that school divisions are governed by those best-suited for the position. 

All of us are eligible to help in one way or another and PCE invites you to get involved and help make a difference!

If you have any additional questions about getting more involved, please contact us.


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To support PCE's ongoing work, please consider donating by cheque or online.  Thank you to each person who helps make this important work possible!