Vermilion-Lloydminster-Wainwright: Get to know your candidates


Please note: This is an Alberta provincial election resource, last updated April 2019.

For federal election information, go to the Elections Canada website.


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Candidates for your area are listed below, alphabetically by last name. 

Note: Our team has worked hard to gather as much publicly available information as we could find.  However, if you know of additional candidate information or notice any errors, please email [email protected]


CLARKE, Ryan (New Democratic Party)

Online: Website, Facebook

[email protected]


MCFADZEAN, Robert (Independent)

Online: Website, Facebook


PETERSON, Craig (Alberta Party)

Online: Website, Facebook, Twitter

[email protected]


MCKINNON, Jim (Freedom Conservative Party)

Online: Website, Facebook, Twitter

[email protected]


ROWSWELL, Garth (United Conservative Party)

Online: Website, Facebook, UCP candidate video

[email protected]

780 581 8846


ZELENY, Kelly (Alberta Advantage Party)

Online: Website, Facebook,




Education is a provincial responsibility and those elected to become Alberta's newest set of 87 MLAs will have a significant impact on our K-12 classrooms. 

There are many important ways you can become more involved and engaged in this important April 16th election.



As we become aware of any "meet and greet" or forum opportunities for any of the candidates in this area, we will share them here in this section (e-mail [email protected] if you know of any opportunities not yet listed).

Otherwise, feel free to contact the candidates directly using the information provided above, to let them know you live in the area and ask if they have a campaign office where you can drop by to meet them.


So far, we've been informed of the following events for this constituency:

Wednesday April 3rd, 2019 6:30 PM candidate forum in Lloydminster. More details here.



Given the mandate of Parents for Choice in Education to advocate for excellence in education through maximum parental choice, we offer six open-ended sample questions you can ask candidates to help identify their depth of understanding and support for education choice.

  • Question 1: What do you think are the key ingredients necessary to ensure the highest quality education system here in Alberta?  
  • Question 2: Should any amount of taxpayer funds be directed toward education choices such as private schools, charter schools or home education?  If so, how much?
  • Question 3: There’s been a lot of controversy over curriculum development. As an MLA, what changes would you make, if any, in the way that curriculum development is done?
  • Question 4: Do you support mandatory standardized testing in K-12 schools? If so, for which subjects, at what grade levels and what style of testing? Would there be any exceptions?
  • Question 5: Should parents be made aware when their K-12 child will be provided with supports, presentations or information by adults or organizations from outside the school? Are there any exceptions?
  • Question 6: When it comes to sensitive topics such as sexuality, gender and religion, how will your party ensure school staff respect the diverse perspectives of Alberta students and their families?



When you get to know a candidate and want to support them, then take the next step to help them win:  

  • Volunteer. Just a few hours of your time helps make a big difference, boosting your preferred candidate's chances of becoming one of the 87 lawmakers who will help set the direction of our province. Note, you can also volunteer for strong candidates who do not live in your area.
  • Donate. Help your preferred candidate reach more constituents with their message.



There is a lot going on in the area of education choice.

From curriculum controversies to discussions about funding, as well as laws that forbid communication with parents, we have many resources on our website to help you understand the issues thoroughly and factually.  

Sign up on our homepage to stay up-to-date through our e-mailed monthly newsletters. 

Peruse past monthly newsletters in the "blog" section of our website.



Share this resource with others!

Let's equip as many people as possible to cast an informed vote on April 16th in this important provincial election:

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  • Print the half page flyers below and share them with friends, family, colleagues, those in your parent groups, faith communities and neighborhoods.



    6. VOTE!

    After getting to know your candidates and choosing the one who you feel will best represent you, get out to vote and encourage others you know to do the same!

    Wondering about identification requirements, registering to vote, advance polls and other questions about the voting process? 

    Visit the Elections Alberta website to have your questions answered! 




    Let's work together to ensure as many people as possible are informed and engaged in this process of choosing the newest set of 87 MLAs who will govern this province!