Action Alert

Parents for Choice in Education has learned that Alberta's Progressive Conservative government is planning to introduce a new education act this fall, and the contents of that act will be discussed at a meeting of government MLAs on Wednesday, September 5th.
We encourage you to contact your MLA and other members of the government as soon as possible (certainly before that day) to encourage them to push for an education act which is favourable to choice in education.
One of the issues discussed will be whether the education act will allow schools to be brought before human rights commissions if someone feels offended by something they hear in the classroom. We do not feel that this is an appropriate mechanism for ensuring human rights in education, and could be used as a tool to undermine choice in education by preventing home schoolers or faith-based schools from sharing information about their teachings on controversial issues. We urge you to discuss your concerns about the education act with your MLA so that choice in education is not undermined by this new act.
Please share your concerns with:
1. Your local MLA.
2. Premier Redford:
3. Deputy Premier Lukaszuk:
4. Education Minister Jeff Johnson:
5. Official Opposition Education Critic Bruce

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