Cardus Report Identifies the Value of 'Non-Government Schools'

A recent report put out by a great Canadian think tank called Cardus studies the contribution made to education in Canada by so-called 'non-government schools'. The report uses this term to describe Separate Catholic, Independent Catholic, Independent Non-religious, Evangelical Christian, religious home education. Here are some of the report's key findings:
"Canada’s government schools perform very well in international rankings, but by many measures, Canada’s non-government schools perform at even higher levels."
"Graduates of non-government schools are less likely to be divorced or separated."
"Graduates of independent non-religious schools are more likely to hold higher-status employment positions and they have a wide variety of fulfillment expectations of their job such as for being helpful, creative, worthwhile, and relational."
"Graduates of non-government schools are at least as likely to be involved in society and culture working toward “the common good” as their public school counterparts... the claim that religious and other independent schools do not prepare their students to contribute positively to Canada’s multicultural society is unfounded."
You can access the full report and other Cardus publications here: