Can Alberta Afford Full-Day Kindergarten?

Alberta Premier Alison Redford has suggested in the past that she would push for full-day kindergarten. Estimates suggest that implementing full-day kindergarten in Alberta would cost $200 million. One question which has rarely been discussed but is very important is - Can we afford it?
Alberta has been in a deficit position for about 5 years, and is now on its way to accruing real debt. In spite of the fact that we can rely on natural resource revenues to an extent that no other province can, we haven't been able to balance our budget. In that climate, it is important that money is used wisely. There are many investments in education which have proven value, and would enhance quality in the education system. Alberta cannot afford $200 million for a program with no proven value, and should instead focus resources on those areas where that $200 million would make a real difference. Our fiscal position is not as good as it should be, and spending needs to be prioritized accordingly.